A change in pace

After lots of thought and prayer, we decided that the time is right for me to stay home with our own children and not teach next school year. This last week of school will be fun as I enjoy the last days with the students before they “graduate” from elementary to junior high, but bitter sweet as I close this chapter in life.

I am looking forward to being home with Will this summer!  And in true teacher fashion, I’ve already started thinking of all the fun learning things we can do.  Sensory tubs, coloring, exploring, walks, playing pretend, library trips, swim days, etc… Yeah, I know. Let’s see how much of that actually happens!  Ha!

This fall, we are also excited to welcome our 2nd baby boy to the family late October/early November. That should keep this SAHM busy! This picture was from Easter when we announced!



The Best Summer. Ever!

How does summer always seem to fly by so quickly?  Each May I have a list of “Summer Goals” that I seriously mean to work on.  And then….I blink and it’s August and that summer list of To-Do’s has gone by the wayside.  Where did the time go?

This summer I had a really good reason for never getting to that list.  It was a bit sweeter than all the other summers before.  My days were spent on long walks with Will and Ranger, crawling around playing chase, giggles and cuddles, lots of snuggles before nap time, washing countless bottles and baby things, a bazillion diaper changes, but mostly – with laughter and love that I didn’t know was possible!

As I rocked my little guy, now 9 months old, to sleep for his nap just now, I cried.   Tears of sadness for going back to the classroom and giving him up to spend his waking hours with someone else.  Tears of joy for the wonderful longs days we’ve had together.  Tears of thankfulness to God for giving me this child.  Tears of wishing – one more long day, please!   Just….tears.

I often have thought what lazy summers I’ve had as a teacher.  Why didn’t I enjoy those more?!  This summer has not been lazy at all!  I am always doing something around the house.   Interesting how a little person keeps you so busy at all hours of the day.

But this summer has been the best summer ever.  Will has been in such a sweet spot of life – learning to crawl, pulling up and trying to stand, trying out new foods.  He has been my constant companion, shopping buddy, workout partner, lunch date, and reading pal.   Every day has been a new adventure and I got the priceless opportunity to experience it with him.

I wouldn’t trade my summer of being a mommy for anything!



Baby Boy!

Will has completely stolen our hearts (and time!), so forgive this post that is all pictures of my new #mcm. 

All smiles on our road trip over Christmas!

1 month

Photography cred: Courtney Ryburn

Photo by Courtney Ryburn

Ranger Girl is a pretty good watch dog.

1 week old

1 day old

Hello, 40 Weeks!

We made it!  WOOHOO!   It’s the last week of pregnancy and we can’t wait to meet our little guy any day now.

How far along:  40 weeks

Baby’s size:  watermelon or pumpkin

Maternity Clothes:  I can still fit in to some of my pre-pregnancy shirts, but I am loving my maxi dresses and skirts these days.

Sleep:  Great sleep!   Nothing to complain about.  Just up once or twice during the night.
Best moment of this week:   Enjoying those last days of snuggling with my hubby and it just being us.  (Oh, and we’ve been spoiling our dog like rotten!)
Miss anything:   Lots of things!  Being able to bend over and pick things up off the floor, tieing my shoes, a glass of wine, sushi!
Movement:   He is constantly wiggling and kicking after meals and while I’m walking the dog.  He even responds to my voice and touch now!

Food cravings:   Nothing really, I’m always hungry!
How I’m feeling:   Wonderful! I feel fantastic these days.  Lots of energy, no pain, just ready to have this baby
Gender:   It’s a BOY!  A wiggly, active little boy who LOVES ice cream.
Belly button in or out:   hmmmm, it’s a half-n-half situation right now.

Wedding rings on or off:  They are still on!
Happy or moody most of the time:   Pretty happy these days.
Looking forward to: Meeting our little guy!
A few pictures of the nursery:
We spent the last few weekends at the golf course, enjoying some time together.
Come on, Will!   We can’t wait to meet you!



Baby Update: 20 weeks, half way there!

How far along:  20 weeks

Baby’s size:  Banana – though I think he’s more like a large mango size.
Maternity Clothes:  I just started wearing some comfy maternity shorts this week.   Though they are a little big, they feel great around my growing little belly!

Sleep:  Great sleep!   Nothing to complain about.

Best moment of this week:   Watching baby on the monitor at the doctor’s office this week.   He would push back when the nurse was doing the ultrasound.  

Miss anything:   HOT DOGS!   I really want a good hot dog…..

Movement:   He is constantly wiggling and kicking after meals and while I’m walking the dog.

Food cravings:   Nothing yet.  I’m back to eating all my favorite foods, though!  I’m happy to like salads and veggies again.

How I’m feeling:   Wonderful! I feel fantastic these days.

Gender:   It’s a BOY!  A wiggly, active little boy who LOVES ice cream.

Belly button in or out:   Still in

Wedding rings on or off:  On, but I take them off to work out now.

Happy or moody most of the time:   Happy and easy going.

Looking forward to:  Painting the nursery this week!

Week 15 Update

How far along:  15 weeks 5 days
Baby’s size:  Apple
**No belly picture to post, there’s really not much popping out yet.   Maybe by the next update I will have a little baby bump.
Maternity Clothes:  Not yet, though my jeans are getting snug.  I’m able to just wear flowing tops and dresses at this moment.
Sleep:  Great sleep!   Well…..there’s that once a night trip to the bathroom, but besides that I am doing great.
Best moment of this week:   Getting to announce our pregnancy to everyone! 
Miss anything:   A glass of wine.
Movement:   Nothing yet….

Food cravings:   No cravings, really.   Food aversions – YES!   It was really bad during the fist trimester, but it’s getting better each day of the 2nd.
How I’m feeling:   Great at the moment.  Energy levels are up, my brain has been able to focus, and I feel like I’m not pregnant most of the time.
Gender:   It’s a BOY!
Belly button in or out:   In.   I’m not looking forward to that time when it pops out.  It sort of grosses me out.

Wedding rings on or off:  On, though I don’t like to sleep with them on right now.
Happy or moody most of the time:   Happy, but I’ve noticed I get frustrated very easily.
Looking forward to:  We have an ultrasound this week and see baby boy.  Can’t wait!

AdvoCare Recipes, Shopping Guide, and more!

24 day challenge icon


I was so excited when I got my hands on the 24 Day Challenge Recipes. (updated!)   Always looking for something new, the recipes in the 24 Day Challenge meals are fantastic!   I’m really enjoying testing them out for our family.

And who doesn’t love a grocery shopping guide to help you navigate the crazy grocery store?!

A few people have asked me to assist with their meal planning during the cleanse phase and max phase.  Please comment below or contact me and I will gladly help out!

OH!   Have you downloaded the AdvoCare app?   Check it out!

digital 24 day challenge