Workout failure….again.

Let me begin this post by saying that I can be a bit of a clutz, but typically I’m graceful.  Thanks goes out to my parents for the many MANY years of dance lessons!  Also, I have a bit of a tendency to push myself (too far) when it comes to working out.  My pain tolerance, I think, is pretty decent.  I’m not the lady who plans on giving birth naturally (God bless you who had/will!  YOU are my hero!)  But this injury… takes the cake on pain in my life so far.

A week ago I decided to go to a small gym and get a good workout before accomplishing a few other things on my weekend To-Do list.  I invited my mother-in-law to meet me at the gym and started on my cardio and weights before she arrived.   I’ve been on the look out for new things to do for my work out, ya know….spice up the mundane and routine.  I’ve been intrigued my the kettlebell and have considered purchasing some.  Just my luck, there was a 10 pound set at the gym.  I did the basic ‘swing’ (as pictured below), and then decided to o a variation of it.

So imagine with me, if you will, and take this same exercise.  Instead of squatting down and swinging the kettle between the legs, turn to the right, swinging the kettle bell to the right of the knee.  As you stand, you swing across the body and extend the arms to the left, above the shoulder.   It’s a great workout for obliques at the same time as working your legs and butt.   You can repeat it to the other side to get both sides worked out.   It is this variation on the above exercise that has changed my life for the past week.  (As I said, BE CAREFUL!)

On my third repetition, my left hip made a click noise, pain shot across my lower back, I lost feeling in my legs and dropped to the floor.   WHAT in the world happened???!!!   Thankful to have long arms, I reached for my cell phone and saw that my mother-in-law had texted that she had just arrived.  I texted, “hurt my back, on the floor”    She came rushing in and found me in the same spot (I couldn’t go far!) and laid beside me for about 30 minutes.  After getting me to stand, she shuttled me back home and got my set up with ice on the couch.

I hear the question in your mind:  Where was your husband?   WELL….he had made it to the championship round of the golf tournament that weekend.  He was in the middle of the game and I didn’t want to throw him off when I didn’t know anything more than the fact that I was hurt.   So I texted him to call me when he won. (hehehe, I always assume he will win.  Gotta think positive!)  He did call, and he did win!  YAY!   He called right as I was being helped out of the car to the doctor’s office my mother-in-law and amazing grandfather-in-law.  The phone call went something like this:

Me:  Hi babe!

Robby:  Hey babe!   I won!

Me:  That’s great.  Can you meet me at the doctor?  Like…now?

Robby:  What did you do?  Where do I go?

Me:  I’ll text you the address and explain when you get here.   I love you!

      My husband got there as soon as possible, and held my hand as the doctor poked around, adjusted, and massaged my back.  Basically, kettlebell exercise is great but not the way I did it.

I’m healing, slowly.  It will take weeks for me to finally be back to “normal” and back to working out like I want to.  Until then, small tasks are huge for me:  tieing my shoes, picking something up off the ground, even shaving my legs!  My family has been so helpful and encouraging (even telling me to take it easy because I push myself to hard).

I do suggest working out with the kettlebell, though!  Just be careful!  If you are prone to accidents, like I am, please take it easy and listen to your body!

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