Texas A&M Tailgate

College holds such a special place in my husbands heart.  We both loved our universities and wouldn’t trade our time at each respective place for anything!  I went to Dallas Baptist University and Robby went to Texas A&M.  We didn’t meet until after our college days were long gone but share the connection of loving Texas A&M.  I had always dreamed of going there, but God had different plans for my education.  Lucky for me, I married one of the biggest Aggie fanatics in the world and now I can tag along with Robby when he goes back for games!

This past weekend we traveled the 6 1/2 hours to Aggieland (College Station, TX) to watch the Aggie’s 1st game in the SEC and do some tailgating with friends.  The tailgate was fun, food was incredible, and the game a nail biter!  We can’t wait to head back for the next games this season.

Below are pictures from the weekend.  The pit/grill was made by the Grind House Into. tailgating group and was the talk of the town.  LOVE those guys for bringing it!

Grind House Into Pitt.

The sides open up to serve food and have lights on the inside.

Gig 'Em!

Gig ‘Em!

Great group of guys

The Aggie Band spelled out SEC for the 1st game.

So until our next game (A&M v Arkansas) Gig’em and God bless!

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