A post….about posting?

That’s right.  This post is about posting on a blog.

Do you ever get writers block?  Or feel that at the end of the day you have NO WORDS LEFT to say or type?

Sometimes that’s the case for me.

But mainly, I feel like our life hasn’t been all that exciting lately so there’s nothing to write about.   Well,….no.  I take that back.  We live a fun filled life, full of traveling and golf and friends and making memories each step of the way.  However, there’s only so many posts that can be made about going to college football games each weekend.  After a while, the games and tailgates begin to blend together.  The pictures all look alike.  So I stop taking pictures and just enjoy time with friends and the football game.

On a typical week this fall, I work Monday-Thursday and tutor 3 days a week after school.  I try and cook at least 3 meals for us to have family dinner.  All laundry must be done by Thursday, because we pack and hit the road either Thursday night or Friday morning.  Most Fridays are spent driving.  College Station (Home of the fightin’ Texas Aggies) is 7 hours from our home.  Dallas (my heartbeat) is 5 1/2 hours away.  My family is roughly 8 hours away.   Get the picture yet?  There’s a LOT of time and distance between those that we love and want to spend time with.  So Robby and I drive.  And drive.  And drive!   Once at our destination, then it’s full force fun!  Food, friends, activities, oh my!  The weekend never gives way to rest or any form of a full night’s sleep, but man-o-man do we have fun with the people we see!  Then….there’s Sunday.  Pack up the truck, say good-bye, and start the trek back home.  One good thing to bed said about our travels is that we have lots of quality time to talk in the car.  As newly weds, we are really getting time together when you spend 14+ hours in a car together each weekend.   By the time we’re home on Sunday night, there’s enough time to unpack the car and get to bed, exhausted.   Monday morning comes too soon and we’re up and running to do it all over again!  4 days of work and then hit the road.  Again.

(SEE!?!?!  I knew y’all didn’t want to read about that every week.  It’s really the same story every weekend, just different faces and names scattered in there.)

So this weekend…..THIS weekend will be different for multiple reasons!  

  1. We’re staying home!!   That’s right, no traveling for 3 weekends in a row.  We couldn’t be more excited!
  2. It’s supposed to get cold here.  Last weekend I got a terrible sun burn from the A&M/LSU football game.  Mid-October and I’m burnt; the color was actually maroon so I guess you could say I was showing school spirit.  (but it hurt!)   THIS weekend, we’ll get to enjoy cooler temps and snuggle inside.
  3. Friday night we’re going to dinner with friends in our new home-town.  YAY for friends!!
  4. We get to sleep in.  Finally!!  We can’t wait to sleep past 8:00am…if our bodies let us.  If not, I plan to drink coffee, read a magazine at my leisure, and watch HGTV/Foodnetwork until my heart is content.  I’m sure Robby will stay in bed and watch sports or play golf.
  5. I will finally post pictures of the wedding and make our wedding book.   After 5 months of marriage, it’s about time I get on that, huh?!


So that’s us in a nut shell.   Nothing big in our life going on, and we like it that way.  Just 3 boring relaxing weekends to look forward to!  YAY!