Golfing at Horseshoe Bay/Escondido

I apologize for how late this post is.  I thought I had posted it weeks ago,….oops!

A while back, Robby and I went to Escondido to celebrate a friend’s birthday. (Happy birthday, Hilary!)  She is the best wife ever and allowed her husband to throw a golfing trip for her birthday.  Hilary and I didn’t golf, but the 6 guys got in 2 days of golf on a GORGEOUS resort just North of Austin, Texas.


As a college student, I was watching Texas Country Reporter (one of my favorite TV shows), and an advertisement was aired for Escondido.  They talked about the golf, the spa, and the lovely area around it.  I’ve always wanted to go for a weekend getaway, but never made it.  AND THEN!!  I was so excited to go for Hilary’s birthday.  It was just what I thought it would be!!  Relaxing, beautiful, quiet, and so much more.  Deer were everywhere!!  And the staff at the club were extremely nice and accommodating.

Hilary and I followed the guys for the first 9 holes on Friday, and then went off to do our own thing.

We shopped in Llano, laid out by the pool, played gin, and picked up some yummy BBQ from Coopers!


Fantastic BBQ

The guys had a great time playing and having friendly banter about Texas A&M vs. University of Texas.  It’s amazing to me that even if the 2 teams don’t play against each other any more, the rivalry is still strong.  Oh, boys!

Robby and John

Robby and John

Golfing buddies

Golfing Buddies

While the guys were in the locker room, they happened to look around at the names on the lockers.  Look who’s name they found!!   Mr. George Strait!   Gosh, I wish we had been able to bump into him at Escondido!   I hear he’s such a nice man and very genuine.

George Strait's Locker

The weather was a lil’ cloudy and rained for a while.  It was a welcome change from the heat we’ve had in the Permian Basin.

Robby putting

Easy does it, Rob

Great weekend, fantastic company, and lovely memories!

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