The Boiling Pot – Odessa Style

Boiling Pot Spice Packet

Boiling Pot Spice Packet

Let me start by saying that my husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seafood.  If there’s crab legs being served, count us in!   Robby’s family has a long running history with a small town Rockport, Texas, and it has captured my own heart.   Adorable, small, coast town, this was the place my husband spent his childhood summers.  Rockport hold such a dear spot in our hearts.  And in that quaint town there is a wonderful restaurant called The Boiling Pot that serves fresh seafood.   You MUST go there!  (They have a location in Austin, too).

SO!  All that being said, we miss eating at The Boiling Pot.  It’s 7 1/2 hours away from us, so it’s out of the question for us to pop on over to,  BUT we were able to purchase some of the spice packets for cooking.  We invited a few friends over to enjoy our feast and the boil began!

The boil consists of potatoes, sausage, and corn on the cob.  Then you begin to add your favorite sea food.  For this occasion, I had my husband and his friend, Sam, do the grocery shopping so they could get exactly what they wanted.  They picked up 3 lbs of raw shrimp, about 4 lbs of crab legs, and 2 lbs of crawfish.  I thought they might have gone a little over board at first.  And then I remembered I was cooking for 4 men, and then it all seemed like enough food.

Sam and Robby helped me prep the food.  They were a big help in the kitchen!

Robby was super excited about crawfish and Boiling Pot!

Robby was super excited about crawfish and Boiling Pot!


Sam, the sous chef


Frozen crawfish. We’re too far away from any chance of getting fresh ones.


Fresh ingredients are always the best!

AND THEN!!!  The feast was ready!  Our grandfather, Daddy Jim, joined in on the dinner and John came over to hang out and help us eat.  We really like that to eat this meal, it’s a hands-on event.  I mean it literally:  cover your table (I use wax paper and then cover it with newspaper or parchment paper) then pour the food directly on the table.  Pull out a few hammers to help with the crab legs, whip up some lemon butter, grab a LOT of paper towels, and you’re set!

THE feast!

THE feast!

Our dinner guests.

Our dinner guests. John was ready to eat!

And we ate, and we ate, and we ate!   The mess on the table after our glorious indulgence of Boiling Pot was quite impressive.


And that’s all she wrote that night.  We played Gin Rummy and called it a great night.

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