AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse – Day #1


No no no, we’re not AdvoCare Reps now.  We like the AdvoCare 10 Day cleanse and decided to try it now that football season is over.  Not a bad idea to clean your body in between Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.   There’s just so much candy and sweets this time of year!

Last time we did the cleanse, I journaled about it and, much to my surprise, it helped me to read over those entries before starting this cleanse.  Isn’t it nice to know what your getting into before you start something?  Isn’t it great to know what parts will be challenging and what parts will be easy?  For this cleanse, I’ve decided to blog about the 10 days.  And if there’s anyone out there that can benefit from this, then my joy will be made complete.  So, without further ado –

Day #1 – it begins.

We started the day with mistakes in planning.  I didn’t have meals planned out for dinners.  I didn’t go to the grocery store to bulk up on good, nutritious food.   BIG MISTAKE!  I started my morning with the peaches & cream fiber drink.  Surprisingly good!  It’s much better than the citrus one.  (WARNING:  DO NOT get the citrus fiber drink!  It’s think and grainy in texture, making it difficult to drink.  If you don’t gag, I’m impressed!).   So yes, the peaches and cream fiber drink was pretty good and I followed it with a Slam energy drink and made a vanilla meal replacement shake for breakfast on the go.

As I was turning to go get dressed, I realized I had nothing planned for lunch and snacks.  YIKES!  (Side note – if this cleanse was up to my husband to prepare and cook all the meals, we would both die.  I’m sure of it.  He wouldn’t know what to do, so all responsibility is on me to get lunches packed and dinners prepped.  No pressure!?!)  So I quickly threw in some snacks, make a turkey sandwich (baked lean turkey, 100% whole wheat bread, and lots of romaine lettuce), and ran to get ready for work.   Don’t forget – drink LOTS & LOTS of water during the 10 days.  I have 2 gallons of water in my car to use because the water in our town is not even close to being good for drinking.  Here’s a picture of my snack pack at work:

Yummy snacks!

Yummy snacks!

About half-way through the day, I became very irritable.  I was tired of crunching on carrots, I didn’t want to eat healthy, and all I wanted was everything I couldn’t have!   Last time we did the cleanse, I didn’t go through this phase until days #6 & 7.  This was really early to start feeling this way.   Once home, I found out my husband felt the same.  It was rough to be positive when we both felt like quitting.  But, I trudged on.

For dinner, I baked some Alaskan Cod with lemons and herbs, roasted some asparagus, and sautéed mushrooms.  It was a very nice meal, but not what my husband and I been anticipating.  We wanted steak.  We craved bread.  I possibly would have given my right leg for tortellini on night #1!


Dinner for Day #1 – baked cod, mushrooms, and asparagus.

After dinner was cleaned up and put away, i finished my meal planning for the week, made my grocery list and went shopping (at 10:30pm.  *yawn*)   $100 later, I had meals for lunch and dinner for 5 days for 2 people.  Not bad!  Cleaned the food when I got home, cleaned out the fridge of all things that might be too tempting, and began to prep lunch for Day #2.

At the end of the day, I’m glad we didn’t crack under the cravings.  It will be easier the next few days since we have a meal plan and have food readily available.  Check back for Day #2!

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