AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse – Day #2

Day #2 – Things are getting better!

I don’t know what happened this morning when we decided to drink the citrus fiber drink.  Didn’t we JUST comment yesterday about how gross it was?  And yet, we did it again.  And we gagged again.  Robby got the drink down, I gave up and made another drink with the peaches and cream.  I will not have a memory lapse on that one again.   EEWWWWEE!   Breakfast meal replacement shake and off to work I went.

It was a busy day and my mind was everywhere except for thinking about food.  YAY!  I forgot that I even had snacks with me to keep me going.  I downed my water through the day and stayed in a good mood.  I had an emergency Slam energy drink, just incase that mid-afternoon slump got to me, but it didn’t!   What did get to me was a migraine.  It’s normal to experience a dull headache during the cleanse if you are accustomed to having caffeine.  Migraines, on the other hand, are not that common.  I took my medicine and powered through.

For lunch, I ate out with a friend.  We went to a place that customizes salads and I picked all sorts of yummy veggies for my salad.  It was filling and kept me focused during work.     After work I got in a good hour workout before going home to cook dinner.

Vegie Lentil SoupAhhh, dinner.  I was excited for dinner.   Why?  Because it was a vegetarian lentil soup!  YUMM!  This recipe is pretty easy to make and cooks for 45 minutes which allows you to clean up, relax, and do whatever.  This soup was fantastic!  So full of flavor and just creamy enough.  (following the directions on the link above, I blended a little bit of the cooked soup and mixed it back in before serving.  That made it more of a creamy soup instead of a broth with lentils.)  Robby wasn’t overly excited about it (he still gives me a hard time if I make a vegetarian meal) I thought it was fantastic!   Keeping this recipe for later in the winter!

No snacks during the evening, but I was extremely productive!  I decorated the house for Christmas and wrote this blog!  WOOHOO!

And now, breakfast and lunches are packed and ready for tomorrow, I’m calling it a night.   See y’all tomorrow for Day #3!

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