To my teacher friends.

I’ve been away from the traditional classroom for one full year.  And trust me, it’s taken that full year to rest, reflect, and assess if teaching is for me.  It is safe to say that I was completely burnt from the school I was at for 5 years.  The staff was wonderful, more like a family and support system for anything you needed.  The students came from challenging homes and the class sizes grew every year.  (The last year I was there, it was not uncommon to have 30 5th graders in my classroom, 90 students total that I saw each day.)   The constant change of leadership, state standards, the district’s insatiable hunger for the best and more just took ever ounce of energy, joy, and creativity out of me.  And now….well, I’m still thinking it over if I will go back to the classroom.  I will let you know on another blog post.

I came across this educator’s post called  Evaluate Me, Please.   She conveys such a humble but strong message of evaluation, standards, and what she strives for personally.  I would love to sit in on a lesson in her classroom and watch the magic happen.  I bet she’s excellent at her craft.

For my teacher friends, remember that Christmas break is not far!  HOORAY!  And that excellence in the classroom doesn’t happen over night.  It’s a personal journey of learning from the good, the bad, and the really ugly!   Each school year is different, each class with different dynamics.  Some will be easier to teach than others.    Know that I pray for your strength and creativity and joy in the classes.  You ARE making a difference in a student’s life each day.


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