AdvoCare Cleanse – Day #5

IT’S FRIDAY!   YIPPEEE!    Day #5 was a ‘fend-for-yourself’ kind of day.  I woke up late, again, and hustled out the door.  Forgot my lunch which ended up being ok because I only worked till noon.  I got home, ate some left over lentil soup (just as good 2nd time around) and then worked on decorating the house and yard for Christmas.

Day #5 Dinner

Day #5 Dinner

For dinner I made a turkey meatloaf (recipe straight from the AdvoCare website), roasted brussel sprouts, and wilted spinach with mushrooms.   I’ve found that the sign of a good meal is that there are no left overs.   Tonight was one of those nights.  A snack of fruit salad later hit the spot.

Yep, pretty uneventful day.  I’m sort of happy that’s it’s a low key Friday.  On a side note, I’ve always preferred to be active and go out on Saturday nights, and save Friday nights for a veg-out night.  When I taught school, I was always so exhausted on Fridays that I would be asleep on the couch by 8 or 8:30pm on a typical Friday.   Pathetic?  I think not!  Letting my body rest – absolutely!  And so tonight, my husband brought joy to me by having a low key, veg-out night.  Dinner and laying on the couch, catching up on all of our DVR shows.

And another day down, only 5 more to go.  I’m not too phased by the 10 day cleanse at the moment and am considering continuing on the 24 Day Challenge.   Message me if you’ve done the 24 Challenge and let me know what you think!  Maybe Christmas is not the best time of year to attempt the challenge, but maybe it’s just what I need.   Suggestions?

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