WE’RE DONE!! AdvoCare Cleanse – Day #10


We couldn’t be happier about eating food that’s been on the “no-no” list!  Though we’ve seen some great results already, we are craving, in the most passionate sense of the word, chips and salsa!!  (It’s a Texas thing.  Chips and salsa can be served as an appetizer for just about any meal.  If chips and salsa were handed to me before….ummm, let’s say a sushi dinner, I wouldn’t be mad about it at all!)   Not sure where we’re going for dinner tomorrow night, but lunch tomorrow will be Mexican food for Robby (Garcia’s to be specific, like he referred to on Day #9 post.  He just loves those burritos!)     For Friday dinner, we’re grilling out steaks with the family.   Hip-hip-hooooraaaayyy!!

How did the last day go, you ask?  Great question.  I’m starting to see a pattern over the past 10 days.  Robby and I stay up way too late at night, sleep past our alarms, rush to get ready and fix breakfast and lunch, get to work late (and in a crabby mood because I’m late), down my breakfast shake, barely have time for lunch because I’m running errands, snack on mixed nuts or fruit while I drive to after-school tutoring, race to the grocery store after tutoring, race home to get dinner going, eat, finally sit down and relax (this is usually around 8 or 8:30pm) and then the cycle starts over.

So for the last day, it was pretty much as normal as the last 9 days.  EXCEPT for dinner, I’m not cooking!   We’re going to do left overs and clean out the fridge.  I might even throw together a frittata if I get the energy.

But tonight, we focus our energy on other things.  My goal is to get the Christmas present room (AKA – guest bedroom) under control and organized.  I’ve just been laying out gifts when I purchase them, and now there are gift bags, boxes, presents, and more all over the place.  Just a mess!

Lessons learned:

  • What amazes me is that, yes – I’m hungry.  However, food isn’t my focus.  At 6:00pm tonight I was starving, so I had a handful of nuts and drank some hot tea when I got home.  And then, I was fine.  Dinner sounds good, but my belly isn’t ravished.  The cleanse has helped me focus on other things besides food.  If all we do is live from one meal to the next, it’s no wonder that 1/3 of our country is obese.  And it’s easy!  There are fast food places everywhere!
  • It’s all about convenience, right?  Yes, McDonald’s is so easy to pull into the drive-through and order.  So plan for it!  I always had a piece of fruit with me, extra water in the car, and a plastic baggie of mixed nuts in my purse.  If I get hungry, I have something already with me and it’s convenient.
  • While on the cleanse I had to focus my mind on other things besides food.  Some days were easier than others.  Oh, the smell of fresh tortillas while grocery shopping at HEB!   It smelled so good!  The trick= make a plan and stick to it!   Before you start the cleanse, map our your meals for the 10 days.  Vary your cuisines (fish one day, veggies the next, then chicken) so you don’t get burnt out.  And when you pass by a taco stand, Sonic, Chick-fil-a or ______ (you fill in the blank) you can remember what you are making next and look towards that.  Stay strong!
  • It’s really a mentality change.  When you get down to the heart of the issue, you have to determine if your will power is stronger than your stomach.  It crossed my mind many times during the cleanse that if I give in to my stomach, I show just how weak my will really is.  And, truthfully, I can’t do this on my own.  I am a weak person when it comes to food.  I enjoy it so much!  I love to taste and try it all.  So to pull back and lessen my portion sizes and shrink down the options of what I can have was very challenging.

So, there you go.  10 days over.  Challenge…..Challenge Accomplished.

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