It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Last week the temperature was in the mid 70’s here.  And then…..a cold front swept through!  YAY!!   It’s about time that we get to bring out our winter jackets!


I woke up to this wonderful picture of my brother-in-law and nephews, enjoying the beautiful snow in Minneapolis.  Aren’t they precious?!   I can’t wait to see snow this winter!  Last year it snowed on Christmas Eve in West Texas.  While I’m doubtful it will happen 2 years in a row, Robby and I are planning on going to Colorado to ski for Valentine’s Day and will get our fill of snow then.

While waiting for the cooler temps, I started decorating the house for the holidays.  Robby and I put up a 2nd tree in the formal living room for us to have and start our own traditions.

Before we decorated.

Before we decorated.

Our grandmother has many, many, many Dept. 56 Snow Village houses!  This year they were all set up, including a water feature!   With a timer put on it, the lights glow each night and add to the Christmas merriment.

2012-12-12 19.05.14

2012-12-12 19.05.27

Daddy Jim and My Naynie’s tree is in the living room, where it always is, and has presents patiently awaiting to the family on Christmas Eve.

photo 4

The fireplace might be one of my biggest and proudest accomplishments this year!

2012-12-09 21.46.18

I found lots of Christmas dishes and tea cups!  I LOVE festive dishes!   So the table is set for our Christmas Eve meal of tamales and chili.  I can’t wait!

2012-12-12 19.06.10

2012-12-12 19.06.23

The front door has some pretty things hung to welcome our guests in.  We tried to put up Christmas lights, but it didn’t happen this year. Maybe next year.

2012-12-12 19.08.13

In the entry way there’s a count-down-to-Christmas picture and hanging ornaments.  I love that this little lamp is on a timer and has a soft glow of light when we get home each night.

2012-12-12 19.07.42

AND…..mistletoe!   This pretty crystal and mistletoe are hanging in the entry way, so I can get a kiss each day with the hubby!

2012-12-12 19.06.45

There are a few of our decorations for this year.  Who knows where we will be this time next year?!?!  Or what type of decorations we will have up and around our home.

Merry Christmas!

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