Update: AdvoCare Results

Many of you have asked if we lost weight and inches doing the AdvoCare Cleanse.  The answer:  YES!!    Alison lost 4 lbs and 4.5 inches while Robby lost 7 lbs and 7.5 inches.   WOW!

The day after we finished the cleanse we went back to our glutton-ous ways and tried to eat steaks, greasy burritos, alcohol, etc…   The result of that= WE FELT AWFUL THE NEXT DAY!   Our bodies were NOT happy with what we did to it.  (Go figure, right?!?)  So I (Alison) went back to my healthy eating the next day.  Robby….well,…..he’s on his own.

With the holidays it is hard to keep on going with the cleanse and the 24 day challenge, though I know you can do it if you really want to.  The bottom line is that we just don’t want it that badly.  We’d rather enjoy our time with family and friends, going out to eat, having coffee and such, and worry about the cleanse in January.   My plan is to keep incorporating recipes from the 24 Day Challenge for dinners and keep fresh fruit and veggies available as we go on.

Thanks for asking about us!  If you have any questions about trying the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse, feel free to message me and I’m more than happy to help!


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