Staying Organized during Christmas

It’s our 1st Christmas being married!   And you know what that means, right?  2 families to buy gifts for, traveling to see family, splitting time with everyone, and very little sleep!   However, we’ve been done with our Christmas shopping for 2 weeks now, and haven’t felt stressed about the holidays at all!   “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?” you ask.   Well, it’s a little thing I call The Christmas Binder!   Yes-sir-e-bob, I made a Christmas Binder to stay organized this year.  AND IT REALLY DID HELP!!

I spent a few hours pulling from websites and blogs all over, finding free printables, gathering advice, taking ideas and molding it to our family needs, and keeping it near me pretty often.

Let’s start with the calendar, shall we?

Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar

check lists

check lists

OrganizedChristmas was where I started my search with a calendar.  They have the great ideas of how to start planning and thinking ahead of December so that when December is here, you can enjoy and not race to get gifts, baking, cleaning, packing, Christmas Cards sent, etc… all tackled at once.


Your Way is a fantastic website, year round, for creative and fun things that are family friendly.  They are focused on intentional living and making the most of the day.  I used their Christmas Printables to get my binder started.  These were very easy to change and print to my needs.

Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes

Organizing Homelife was a big help in covering all of my bases and having documents ready to print.   With topics such as 12 Days of Christmas (Planning),  Stocking Stuffer Ideas, and so much more, this lady has it all covered!

Our Binder Cover

Our Binder Cover

All that I had to do was tweek a cover for my binder and make it my own!   We used a LOT of Groupon Deals this year and were able to easily track them with our binder.  Groupon helped us get our Christmas card for a great price and the binder was the central hub for receipts, documents, and address lists.

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