Our 1st Christmas

This year we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Alison’s family in East Texas.  (Robby’s family got together the week before in West Texas and we spent many late nights visiting and catching up with them.)

As we got home to Mt. Pleasant, the driveway was lined with candles to welcome us home!  Alison’s dad was so thoughtful to do this, even at 11:00pm at night!   We had not visited Alison’s family since Labor Day, so they were very excited to see us!   Our days were spent visiting family, relaxing in front of the fire place, and catching up on life.

Robby's new shirt

Robby’s new shirt

Puzzles with Brookers!

Puzzles with Brookers!

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful, and since we have no place to go….let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

That’s right!   IT SNOWED ON CHRISTMAS DAY!   We awoke to the sound of thunder outside and rain tapping on the windows.  Oh, what a delightful sound!!   After laying in bed for a bit and enjoying a rainy morning (which we don’t have very often in West Texas), we got up and exchanged stockings and presents with family.

Alison’s mother hand made Robby his own stocking this year, which we were all very proud of.

Robby's new stocking

Robby’s new stocking

More family came in later in the day and joined in the festivities.   However, the weather continued to get worse.  The rain quickly turned to snow, which our niece and nephew LOVED!!   That’s right, we had a white christmas!


Playing in the snow

Playing in the snow


Ali and Zach

Munchkin and Pookie in the snow!

There’s just one thing you need to remember in East Texas when it snows….the electricity is bound to go out.  And it did.  From 5:00pm on Christmas day till 11:00am the next morning.  Some people went days without power, so we considered ourselves very lucky.  By candlelight we ate dinner, put puzzles together, and played Uno!

Poppi and Brookers putting puzzles together.

Poppi and Brookers putting puzzles together.

We slept by the fire place all night, keeping the fire going so we could stay warm.   What a memorable 1st Christmas!  By the time we left to go back to Dallas and fly home to Midland/Odessa, the snow was still beautiful!

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