My Single Saturdays Revisited

I love being married!   Date night last night was fun and dinner was fantastic.  Robby surprised me with flowers and my favorite cookies when he came home from work.  Awwwe!


And then, we went to Osaka for hibachi and sushi.  Oh, this man deffinitely knows the way to my heart – good food!   We always have fun while at hibachi because it gives us a chance to talk and catch up while the food is prepared in front of us.  Last night’s realization was that we are learning what the other likes and we’re able to order for the other one easily.  There wasn’t even a questions about what to order last night – filet (medium rare) and scallops with fried rice, cucumber salad, edemame, and a sushi roll.  BOOM!  Just like that, we were on the same page.  I love it!

Hibachi is great!
Hibachi is great!

But today….I sing a different tune.   I’m happy to be back to my “old’ way of life – being single on a Saturday morning!

While single, my Saturday morning were pretty routine and I was very happy with that.  Wake up late (9:00am….that’s late for a teacher!), grab a cup of coffee and breakfast, surround myself with magazines and blankets on the couch, and catch up on Food Network and HGTV Shows.   *sigh*  Those were lovely days.  I never woke up early enough to make breakfast during the week days, so breakfast was exciting for the weekend!   After leisurely reading and being lazy, around noon I would start to grade papers, clean, and work out, and get ready for whatever the Saturday night would hold for that weekend.  Saturdays were MY day.  Saturdays were relaxing, restful, and productive in the afternoon.

This Saturday, I relish in the quiet and peace in the house.  Robby is playing in a golf tournament.   Daddy Jim is gone to work a bit and then play gin rummy .  And me…..I’m reliving my single Saturdays of days gone by.   Brand new coffee cups welcomed me this morning with a hot cup of coffee and toast from our Bountiful Baskets pack.

I love my new coffee cups!
I love my new coffee cups!

On TV, Giada just shared her wonderful recipe (just for me, I’m sure of it.  Only Giada knows how much a LOVE risotto!) for risotto with bacon and kale

Bacon and Kale Risotto
Bacon and Kale Risotto

I’m being inspired on HGTV for renovating a house that I don’t have.  But it’s fun to dream, right?!?  Yard Crashers make me wish we didn’t live in a drought…or made more money to pay for water to take care of a lush backyard.   I want a pergola and a water feature and a built in, fully functioning, our door kitchen in the shade that over looks our pool with a swim up bar.  Who doesn’t, right?

Dream pool with outdoor kitchen
Dream pool with outdoor kitchen

Yes, today is laziness at it’s best.  And I couldn’t be happier!

And now….it’s time to hit the gym, go grocery shopping, and return to the real world.

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