Pizza Challenge

Robby and Alison decided to make pizza for dinner.  The issue, they like two very different styles of pizza!  So each came up with their own pizza.  Of course, an argument over which one was the best came about.  So, they need YOU to decide!.

Please  vote on which pizza you would want to try by commenting on this post.

(For the sake of fairness in the challenge, the creator of each pizza will not be named.)


Pizza #1:  Mediterranean Magic!

Mediterranean Mess

Mediterranean Magic

This delicious dish starts with a basil pesto and mild sausage accompanied by Kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, grilled artichoke hearts, sauteed spinach, mushrooms,  grilled yellow bell peppers, and sprinkled with a provolone cheese.  The crust is a 100% whole wheat thin crust, compliments of HEB.  Light and healthy, this dish leaves you wanting more of it’s tangy twist on pizza.

Pizza #2: Little Slice of Heaven


Little Slice of Heaven

This divine pie starts with some Buitoni Pizza Sauce spread thinly over a whole wheat HEB thin crust and topped with sausage browned to perfection, sauteed spinach leaves, crushed red pepper flakes, mushrooms, grilled artichoke hearts, onions, and provolone cheese. The crust is cooked to just the right temperature in order to leave a crispy and satisfying taste. When you try this pie you just might think you have died and gone to heaven.

So there you have it.  Please vote and let them know your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “Pizza Challenge

    • The chef of “Slice of Heaven” forgot that there were bell peppers sprinkled on the pie, for the sake of fairness. Sorry for not including that. We hope that doesn’t sway your vote.

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