30 By 30

Today, I turn 29.

(ugh, the anxiety is already starting to build.

There’s only 365 days till I am *whisper voice* thirty!)

There’s not much time left of my 20’s!  How did it go so fast?  I feel like I blinked and I went from 25 to 29.  Must be a sign that I’m getting older.

In order to make the MOST of my last year, I’ve decided to make a bucket list in random order.  Introducing my 30 things to do before I’m 30.  In short:

30 By 30

  1. Go to Vegas with Robby
  2. Do something spontaneous – learned to play golf!  May
  3. Get pictures taken by the Texas A&M Barn
  4. Go snow skiing with friends – Went to Aspen, CO in February
  5. Learn to play tennis – Started lessons in March!
  6. Take cooking classes
  7. Lose 10 lbs – Done!  Now, to keep it off……
  8. Make a Baby Rigney (this one makes my hubby nervous, haha)
  9. Move into our 1st home
  10. Get a dog
  11. Invest more time with family  – Caught up with lots of family in February at my parents house, went with family to see our cousins in Footloose!
  12. Take my mom on a trip
  13. Go to NYC with Robby
  14. Grow a garden
  15. Buy a gun – Got my 1st gun on April 7th.
  16. Throw a dinner party for friends – BBQ’d with friends on April 9, 2013.  1st of many dinner parties to come.
  17. Make 3 new friends (or more!)
  18. Do one Random Act of Kindness each month – Donated Blood in Feb, Picked up trash in parking lot in March
  19. Take Yoga classes
  20. Go wine tasting in the Hill Country
  21. Go horseback riding
  22. Start/Finish a new devotional book – Started Reading “A Woman of Love” a study of the book of Ruth.
  23. Spend more time in prayer – Daily!
  24. Volunteer somewhere local – Permian Basin Rehab Center Telethon (March), Bountiful Baskets (May)
  25. Scrap book my trip with Mom and Zachary to Disney (way back in 2009)
  26. Sew something for my home
  27. Make home-made gifts for friends – Made fruit jellies!  Yum!
  28. Learn 3 new classical piano pieces – currently working on a piece by Beethoven
  29. See 3 musicals – Shrek the Musical (January), Footloose (February), and Wicked (March)
  30. Read 30 books!
  • School of Fear, by Gitty Daneshvari   SO CUTE!  My nephew read it (6th grade) and loved it.   A fun tween fiction.
  • Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle – a MUST read for everyone.  Witty and heartfelt, you’ll love this book!
  • The Paris Wife by Paula McLain – heart strings will be pulled when you read about the crazy life of the Hemmingways in 1920’s Paris
  • The Three Martini Play Date – had me giggling and taking notes about what to expect when we have kids.  GREAT read for a new dad
  • Ghostopolis – comic book style, read this with a student in tutoring.  Good story line!!
  • Maine – this one took a while to get through, lots of family drama and history.  Easy to relate to, though
  • Missing Dad – LOVE this book!   Everyone should read it and pass it along to friends        


So, today I will celebrate.

Tomorrow, I will start the 30X30.


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