Monday Ramblings

No clear thoughts tonight or one topic for a post.   So I will do what I do best: make a list!

1.)  Robby’s gone for the week on business to Painted Post, New York.   That’s 1,811 miles away from me.  Ugghhh!!   I know he will do great things on his business trip, but it doesn’t mean I won’t miss him being gone.   I hope he enjoys the snow, though, while I enjoy the 70 degree weather out here in Texas.

The weather for this week in Painted Post, NY.

The weather for this week in Painted Post, NY.

2.)  Our family said goodbye to my grandmother, Nana, this past weekend.  She was a strong spirited woman who loved God, her family, and others around her (in that order).  I love the legacy she left for my family.  There has never been a doubt in my mind about if I would see her again one day in Heaven; her faith was solid like a rock.  Her funeral honored her life and her family.  And the weather couldn’t have been better in February.  What a lovely weekend of celebrating her life!

Mom, Nana, and me

Mom, Nana, and me


3.)  The circumstances were not the happiest, but I got to see my family!  The ENTIRE family!  Cousins from out of state that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit with in years.  They all got to meet Robby, we laughed and looked through REALLY old photos of our family (circa 1950’s), and laughed a LOT!  I am so glad that I enjoy my family.  They’re wonderful!  OH!  And that also accomplishes one of my 30X30’s – invest time with family!  Check!

Cousins together laughing at photos

Cousins together laughing at photos


4.)  Did I mention to y’all that the dermatologist found skin cancer on my husband?!?  True story.  He had this small bump on his face that we discovered when he shaved that bushy, terribly scratchy beard off of his face (I will spare you the pictures.) so we went to the doctor just to see what was going on.  Yup.  Just like that: skin cancer!  CRAZY!?!??!?!!   I imagined the day would come when one, or both of us, would discover cancer and we would boldly make those life decisions later on down the road.  Nope, it happened in the 1st year of marriage.  This told me 3 things:  #1 – Sunscreen REALLY is a serious thing.  #2 – We really are that old.  #3 – My time is coming.     The stitches came out today and the scar is healing very nicely.  The pathology reports showed that the doctor removed all of the cancer and we’re in the clear!  Praise God!!!


5.)   Pets.   We are in limbo with getting a pet.  I really want to get a dog, but don’t know what to get just yet.  My heart leans towards getting a rescue dog, but I want to be picky with what type and the temperament of the dog.  Plus, I have a pet already.  My cat that I’ve had for 17 years.  That’s right.  My cat is 17 years old!   She lives with my parents right now, but I LOVE my time with her when I’m home.

oh, Anton!

oh, Anton!

And then….there’s our grandfather’s dog.  Little Bit.   For a long time I’ve been thinking about writing an entire blog post about this quirky and head strong dog.   She’s about 5 years old and is anything but little!   Though she has lost weight since I started taking her for walks and trying my best to train her, she is still big.  I really don’t know anything about bull dogs, but I’m finding out how stubborn they can be.  She’s a hoot!   Here’s a picture of Little Bit after she realized she’s strong enough to crawl up on the couch.  She pushed me off and began to watch TV with Robby!

oh, Little Bit

oh, Little Bit

6.)   Is anyone else watching The Bachelor this season?  I’m half way ashamed to say that I am, but not really.  It started when a friend invited me over to her house.  I could have cared less about the show, but really wanted to start making new friends in my home.  What I found was not only a new group of friends, but fun conversation and witty banter that spurs from each episode!  Monday’s are busy days for me, but I look forward to my time to hang out with the girls, catch up on life, and laugh.  We’ll spend so long talking that we don’t start watching until much later in the night!  But when we start watching, the comments begin to fly.  “How does Sean NOT see how crazy she is?!?!”  is typically on all of our minds.  Oh, ABC – you have us hooked once again.  17 seasons in and it’s just as ridiculous as all those before.  Where do you find all of these crazy women?!


7.)  I’m starting a new Bible Study/devotional tonight!  (It’s one of my 30X30’s).   A Woman of Love, by Dee Brestin, goes through the book of Ruth.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

new devotional book





That’s all for tonight.  Thanks for reading all the way through my ramblings.


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