Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are celebrating our 1st Valentines as a married couple by FLYING TO COLORADO!   WOOOHOOOO!  We will enjoy the weekend with friends snow skiing in Aspen.   (Pictures to come soon!)  I can’t tell you how excited I am that there’s another girl going on this trip!  I was the only lady on the New Years trip to the beach.  I love the guys, I really do!  And I can try and be ‘cool’ and ‘laid back’ with them.  BUT GOODNESS, I need some girl time!    So YAY for Claire going on this trip!

Last night we celebrated Valentine’s Day early with just the 2 of us by having dinner at Venezia’s in Midland.  This is one of my favorite places to east in Midland, though we save it for special occasions.  Thanks to our sweet family (Joe, Jenn, Sam, & Peter), Robby and I were able to use up a Christmas gift and go out.

Then, the gifts began.

The gifts and crafts I've been working on.

The gifts and crafts I’ve been working on.

I have been working like a little elf in the night for the last week to make some cute little gifts and cards to give to Robby for our trip.  I researched the internet (what would I do without Google and Pinterest?!?!) and found so many cute things to do.   ****Side note- I’m pretty cheesy at heart.  I love the 5th grade humor and Valentine’s Cards.  I realize not everyone likes that, so stick with me here.

When we got home, I had a game to play for us.  It’s like memory, but on the back of each card is a task.  (Ex.  Give your spouse your best pick up line.   OR  my favorite:  give your spouse a neck rub!)    I found the game on this FANTASTIC website, The Dating Divas.  They have many fun things to help strengthen and encourage your marriage.  Go check them out!

2013-02-07 00.03.38

Valentine’s Match Game

And cue the cheesy gifts/cards:

I 'mustache' you to be my valentine!  BAHAHAHA

I ‘mustache’ you to be my valentine! BAHAHAHA

A personal favorite, "I've taken a VIKING to you!"

A personal favorite, “I’ve taken a VIKING to you!”

...because he's my lifesaver!

…because he’s my lifesaver!

2013-02-07 00.02.53

Kleenex for the ski trip! Because he ‘blows me away’!

The inside reads, "Let's get knotty"     (great for newly weds)

The inside reads, “Let’s get knotty” (great for newly weds)

Ok, that’s enough for now.   These little cards and things were accompanied by little gifts and notes on the inside, packed inside of our luggage or in the carry on for the plane.  I hope Robby likes them, even if they are pretty corny!  hehe

At our house, I tried to decorate a little bit.  To be honest, I feel like we JUST put Christmas away, so I was in no mood to redecorate the whole house.  So I went simple.  In the entry way, there is normally a tapestry that hangs over a parsons’ table.  I’ve enjoyed using it to hang fun things for Christmas and now Valentines.  These are the wedding dates of Robby’s grandparents and us.  It’s such a sweet reminder when I walk in the door that there is a legacy of love and families that make their marriage work, 60+ years!

Valentine's in the hallway

Valentine’s in the hallway

And to end the post of a fun note, I love this little video of the kids being interviewed.  Aren’t they just precious?!?!


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