Aspen, Colorado

30 X 30 goal #4 – Go snow skiing with friends.       Accomplished February 14-18th

We went skiing with great friends this winter.  Aspen was beautiful, breath taking, and entertaining.   I had never skied Aspen, so I was a bit anxious to see if I could handle the slopes!   It’s been 3 years since I skied, and by nature I know that I’m not a super athletic nor daring person.  My husband, on the other hand, well….I think he could do just about anything if he tries it.  He’s just great!  *sigh*    oh, sorry, yes…..back to skiing.    Everyone was extremely patient with me as I eased my way down the mountain.  Only 2 falls the entire time I was there!  Yippee!    The guys that were with us were so brave, speeding down the slopes, taking the jumps, and even going through the forested area!  *gasp* (That’s something I would NEVER EVER do, even if I did wear a helmet like they do.   Boys are so adventuresome.)

The group at the top!

The group at the top!

That little white jacket is me, slowly making my way down.

That little white jacket is me, slowly making my way down.

Robby and me!  brrrrr

Robby and me! brrrrr

I’m not afraid to admit when I need a break from the mountain.  I’ve learned that my body is NOT made for skiing all day, and that resting is good.  While the others kept going, I read a fantastic book at base camp and enjoyed a chai latte.   Sparkly Green Earrings, by Melanie Shankle (AKA Big Mama) is a funny and enjoyable read; a collection of memoirs for her daughter that tell the joys and challenge of marriage, pregnancy, being a mother, and learning to let God take control.  I laughed and giggled my way through this book!  YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!  And then, pass it on to your girlfriends.  I already passed it off last night and am considering buying more to give as presents for the college friends.  It’s just so good!

Sparkly Green Earrings, a must read!

Sparkly Green Earrings, a must read!

(Side note – I may have a serious girl crush on the author.  I’m pretty sure we’d be friends if we were to ever meet.  We’re both Texas A&M fans, love Texas, love Jesus, enjoy a good road trip, and so much more!  My husband says I may have a celebrity type obsession with her.  Not sure if I would know what to say to her if we were to meet at an Aggie Tail-gate…..I can only hope, though!)

We had a fantastic time in Colorado!  Glad that I got to mark that one of my 30X30 list!


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