Another Dallas Weekend!

Robby and I went to Dallas this past weekend to enjoy friends and family.

The weekend started out with National Margarita Day!  YIPPEE!   My great friend, Hilary, brought me this awesome carafe of virgin Crystal Light Mocktails! (only 5 calories!   and yes, it’s a virgin one.)  What a great way to start off our road trip to Dallas!  Thanks, Hilary!

Sweet treat at work!

Sweet treat at work!

Our first stop in Dallas was Eno’s Pizza in Bishop Arts District.   If you’ve never been there….GO!   It’s fantastic!   Our friends, Sam and Justin, were playing with their band that night.  They did great!  While there we were able to catch up with great friends and celebrate pregnancy (no, no, not ours) and engagement.  Can’t wait to watch Kyle & Jenn get married in July and meet little baby boy Gresham in August!

The guys playing at Eno's

The guys playing at Eno’s

Saturday morning, while Robby played basketball with his friends, I treated myself to a mani/pedi/massage!  Just what the doctor ordered:  pampering!  THEN!  I met up with my Jr. Bridesmad, lil’ Miss Caroline.  Well, not so little anymore!  She’s growing so fast!   I babysat for Caroline’s family while I lived in Richardson, and she’s basically family.  (Forgive how crummy I look in the picture, went jogging before meeting up with her.)

Love this little lady!

Love this little lady!

AND THEN!  We met up with family and went to see our cousins in Footloose!   Carson and Forest did a fabulous job.  Here’s a picture of my nephew, sister-in-law, and me with Forest (he played the lead.  Way to go!)    (Side note:  much love to Carson, the funny man who had us giggle through the entire show.  I don’t know where he went afterwards, but we weren’t able to get a picture with him.  I DID get his autograph, though!  hehe)

Footloose with the family

Footloose with the family

Sunday morning was a brunch with the family and my BFF Jennifer joined us!  So good to visit with everyone!  After that we hit the road and started the trek out west.

Until next time, Dallas.   Thanks for the great weekend!

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