My not-so-breakfast-in-bed Morning

For my birthday Robby gave me a book of coupons to use.  “Free shoulder massage  or “Breakfast in bed”.  I decided to use the breakfast in bed one this weekend!  But when the time came for Robby to get out of bed and get food, I didn’t want him to leave.  Snuggling on a lazy morning is just too precious to skip out on.

So I opted to go to iHop for breakfast instead.  I was such a happy lady.  Time with the hubby, lazy morning, coffee, waffles,….what more could I want?!?!  It was perfect!




Robby’s Hog Hunt

It dawned on me that I haven’t posted much about Robby.  This post is for you, babe!

Robby recently went hog hunting in North Texas with some great guys.  Here are a few pictures of their hunt:

My hunter!

My hunter!

The guys in their cool sitting thingie on the back of the truck.

The guys in their cool sitting thingie on the back of the truck.

image (14)

Robby, Clay, Clay's little brother, and Dustin with their hog.

Robby, Clay, Clay’s little brother, and Dustin with their hog.

I think wild hogs are just about one of the grossest things on this Earth, but I’m glad my husband enjoys helping to control the population and hunt them in the wee hours of cold nights.   He’s so much braver than I will ever be!

Book Review: The Paris Wife

In pursuit of reaching my goal of 30 books by the end of January 2014 (and boy, do I have a LONG way to go), I picked up this book in the Denver Airport.  It sounded interesting, and  recently I’ve taken an affinity to all things from the 1920’s.  It seems like such a charmed time in people’s lives, enjoying everything that was within reach.   The Paris Wife describe’s the life and events of Ernest Hemmingway’s first wife, Hadley, as they started their marriage and moved to Paris.  The language and description was excellent, but the story a bit heart breaking.  I found myself ready to kill Hemmingway at many points in the book.  What an excellent job the author, Paula McLain, does in evoking such emotions from me.  I couldn’t put the book down on the last night and poured through the last half of it in one sitting.


Book Overview:

“Chicago, 1920: Hadley Richardson is a quiet twenty-eight-year-old who has all but given up on love and happiness—until she meets Ernest Hemingway and her life changes forever. Following a whirlwind courtship and wedding, the pair set sail for Paris, where they become the golden couple in a lively and volatile group—the fabled “Lost Generation”—that includes Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound, and F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

Though deeply in love, the Hemingways are ill-prepared for the hard-drinking and fast-living life of Jazz Age Paris, which hardly values traditional notions of family and monogamy. Surrounded by beautiful women and competing egos, Ernest struggles to find the voice that will earn him a place in history, pouring all the richness and intensity of his life with Hadley and their circle of friends into the novel that will becomeThe Sun Also Rises. Hadley, meanwhile, strives to hold on to her sense of self as the demands of life with Ernest grow costly and her roles as wife, friend, and muse become more challenging. Despite their extraordinary bond, they eventually find themselves facing the ultimate crisis of their marriage—a deception that will lead to the unraveling of everything they’ve fought so hard for.

A heartbreaking portrayal of love and torn loyalty, The Paris Wife is all the more poignant because we know that, in the end, Hemingway wrote that he would rather have died than fallen in love with anyone but Hadley.”

Volunteer Local

This past weekend I had the joy of volunteering with family to help raise money for the Permian Basin Rehab Center.  Our grandfather, Jim Reese, has been helping host this telethon on TV for over 30 years!  WOW!   Talk about believing in a program.

Here’s a little bit about the Rehab Center:

“Since 1953, the Permian Basin Rehab Center (PBRC) has served thousands of patients of all ages and abilities who find themselves in need.  PBRC is the Permian Basin’s only comprehensive, non-profit, multidisciplinary rehabilitation facility.  The therapists of PBRC reach a broad cross-section of the community and bring positive change into the lives of countless individuals who require physical, occupational and speech therapies, or hearing/audiology services. Therapies are fully coordinated, and bi-lingual employees enrich these services.

As with any medical treatment, therapy can be costly.  As a non-profit organization, the PBRC offers an Assistance Program and social worker services to help insure that no one is turned away based on ability to pay or limited access to transportation.  Assistance is made possible through private donations and a variety of creative fundraising efforts throughout the year.  Because PBRC is a West Texas institution, all funds raised remain in Odessa for direct services to our families, friends and neighbors. PBRC also is a preferred provider for most insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid.”

My mother-in-law and I helped to answer phones and take pledges/donations.  We had a great time meeting and visiting with lots of people, and hearing the stories of how the rehab center has been a part of their lives.

A few pictures of the day:

Starting amount on Sunday!  WOW!

Starting amount on Sunday! WOW!

Greta, Daddy Jim, and me!

Greta, Daddy Jim, and me!

answering phones with the Odessa Fire Dept.

Answering phones with the Odessa Fire Dept.

The news anchors were a lot of fun, and so nice!

The news anchors were a lot of fun, and so nice!

The Final Total!

The Final Total!

I am amazed at the final amount raised:  $965, 987.   WOW!   All for such a great cause!   I’m so glad I was able to volunteer for the Rehab Center and look forward to helping out in the future.

Random Act of Kindess, #1 – donating blood

Though donating blood does not seem is not random, it is my first intentional act of kindness in my 29th year of life.  My mother has been faithfully donating blood majority of her life.  I’m always impressed with how quick she is to give of herself, quite literally!  When I asked her just the other day how many times she has donated, she told me:  95!  WOW!   With every donation they say you save 3 lives.  If only my mother could see the 285 lives she has helped.  She truly is a hero!

image (8)

Once upon a time, way back in college, there was a blood drive in the commons of our dorm.  I had just finished a great workout when I walked in to see the blood drive.  It was almost dinner time, but I paused my schedule to donate blood.  What happened next wasn’t painful, but wasn’t fun, either!  I signed up, pleased with myself for following in my mother’s footsteps, got in the chair to donate, and tried my best to ignore the sting of the needle.  I talked with friends as they came and went, came and went…”Wait a second!  How come they’re all lapping me?  I was here 20 minutes before them!” I told my nurse.  He just gave me a weary look and explained that my body wasn’t giving enough blood.  In over 30 minutes, I hadn’t even filled up half the bag!  WHAT!?!?!  Why won’t my body give blood?   Later, I realized that a bagel for breakfast and a granola bar in between classes wasn’t a good idea before working out then donating blood.  Lesson learned:  eat a good meal and drink PLENTY of fluids before donating!

The whole ordeal has (sadly) kept me from donating.  Up until now!   I’m a brave little toaster!  I can do this!

This past week, a dear family friend of our was given the honor of being the face of the new blood platelet donor bus!  Wow!  I know the lady whose face is on the bus!  Blenda has been donating to help soldiers who are injured while in combat!  WOW!  And that got me to thinking to my self, “Self, if Mom and Blenda can be so selfless, what’s holding me back?”

New platelet donor bus makes debut in East Texas.

So I immediately signed up to donate blood this week.  Why not?  It’s quick and easy, and I can do it on my lunch break!

If you’re in the Midland/Odessa area, here’s the website to donate.  Donate Blood at Midland Donor Center.  EVERYONE should help out!

Donating was easy!  I went in, answered a few questions, and they got me set up.  (Note:  EVERYONE should donate, but bring a jacket.  It was cold in there!!)  I’m proud of myself for stepping up and donating and helping out someone in need in the local community.



Now, on to volunteering in the community!