Random Act of Kindess, #1 – donating blood

Though donating blood does not seem is not random, it is my first intentional act of kindness in my 29th year of life.  My mother has been faithfully donating blood majority of her life.  I’m always impressed with how quick she is to give of herself, quite literally!  When I asked her just the other day how many times she has donated, she told me:  95!  WOW!   With every donation they say you save 3 lives.  If only my mother could see the 285 lives she has helped.  She truly is a hero!

image (8)

Once upon a time, way back in college, there was a blood drive in the commons of our dorm.  I had just finished a great workout when I walked in to see the blood drive.  It was almost dinner time, but I paused my schedule to donate blood.  What happened next wasn’t painful, but wasn’t fun, either!  I signed up, pleased with myself for following in my mother’s footsteps, got in the chair to donate, and tried my best to ignore the sting of the needle.  I talked with friends as they came and went, came and went…”Wait a second!  How come they’re all lapping me?  I was here 20 minutes before them!” I told my nurse.  He just gave me a weary look and explained that my body wasn’t giving enough blood.  In over 30 minutes, I hadn’t even filled up half the bag!  WHAT!?!?!  Why won’t my body give blood?   Later, I realized that a bagel for breakfast and a granola bar in between classes wasn’t a good idea before working out then donating blood.  Lesson learned:  eat a good meal and drink PLENTY of fluids before donating!

The whole ordeal has (sadly) kept me from donating.  Up until now!   I’m a brave little toaster!  I can do this!

This past week, a dear family friend of our was given the honor of being the face of the new blood platelet donor bus!  Wow!  I know the lady whose face is on the bus!  Blenda has been donating to help soldiers who are injured while in combat!  WOW!  And that got me to thinking to my self, “Self, if Mom and Blenda can be so selfless, what’s holding me back?”

New platelet donor bus makes debut in East Texas.

So I immediately signed up to donate blood this week.  Why not?  It’s quick and easy, and I can do it on my lunch break!

If you’re in the Midland/Odessa area, here’s the website to donate.  Donate Blood at Midland Donor Center.  EVERYONE should help out!

Donating was easy!  I went in, answered a few questions, and they got me set up.  (Note:  EVERYONE should donate, but bring a jacket.  It was cold in there!!)  I’m proud of myself for stepping up and donating and helping out someone in need in the local community.



Now, on to volunteering in the community!

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