30 by 30 – Update!

My 30 By 30 is coming along pretty well.  I’m not reading nearly as much as I would like to, but I’m getting books read faster than in previous years.

Some of my most recent items to mark off the list are below:

#5 – Learn to play tennis:   I started tennis lessons in March and love it!   My instructor is very patient and encouraging, which always goes over well with me.  I’m actually more focused and determined than I thought I would be, which surprises me each time I step on the court.  I REALLY want to learn to play this and enjoy it.  Might be a little competitive after all.  Who knew?!

#7 – Get rid of 10 lbs.   DONE!   In March I was able to shed those pounds and keep it off.  Though I’m not bikini ready, I’m well on my way to it.  My biggest tip in shedding the weight – BE PICKY WITH WHAT YOU EAT!   MyFitnessPal has been a terrific app to make me more aware of what I’m putting in my body (not just counting calories, but looking at proteins, veggies, and starches helps a lot).  Also, RunKeeper is a good app for motivating and tracking your walks/jogs/runs.  I like how it maps where I’ve been and gives me updates every 5 minutes.  (Ex.  The program will tell me:   Time:  15 minutes and 30 seconds.  Distance:  1.7 miles.  Average Pace…..etc..)  And the app will interrupt my music/pod cast to give me an update.  I LOVE IT!

#15 – Buy a gun.  This past Sunday Robby and I went to the gun show and I found my dream gun.   I really just want one for protection when Robby’s out of the house.   We’ve been looking for a Walther in my price range and found a new one at the show.  So excited to go out to the range and shoot!

#16 – Last night we had friends over to eat at the house.  After everyone left, it hit me:  we threw a dinner party!   Scratch #16 off the 30×30 list!!!   We grilled ribs and had a nice little BBQ.  Hopefully this was just the 1st of many dinner parties to come.  We really enjoyed entertaining and having friends over.

#30 – I’ve technically finished 4 books.  I’m in the middle of 3 more right now.  (Little Women, Maine, and a cook book.   That’s right.  A cook book is a book, so I’m counting it.  And I really do read it from front to back.)  Hope to have all of those finished in the next week or so.

So there you have it!  More things to knock off the list!   Still working on the bigger items (i.e. get a house, get a dog, etc…)   For now, though, I’m pleased that 2 1/2 months into this list that I’ve been able to accomplish many of my goals.   The best is yet to come…..

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