WordPress Stats: addicting!

Everyday I check the stats for our blog to see what people are checking out.  The topics/pages that get the most hits:  our Advocare results!

I couldn’t believe it when I looked at a monthly view of how many hits we get per day from Pinterest.  And the crazy thing, we never intended that to happen!  We thought we’d blog about our experience with a 10 day cleanse, but never gave thought to posting our recipes from everyday things.  But now….maybe people really do like my cooking finds and ideas!

So, new goal:  post more recipes that I make on a regular basis that work well with Advocare/Paleo as well as links to good food articles for people.   I love to cook and help others find healthy and great tasting recipes, and maybe,…..just maybe,…….this is a great start to it!

Thanks, WordPress, for the addiction of checking my stats and giving me feedback on what I need to work on for the blog!  Appreciate it!

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