Family Time with Peter!

2013-05-04 17.29.45-2

This past weekend our fantastic sister-in-law and her youngest, Peter, came to visit.  WE LOVED every moment with them!   While Jenny was taking engagement photos for Danny & Kayla, Robby & I took Peter to a baseball game.   We had so much fun with this lil’ guy!

2013-05-04 19.42.56

2013-05-04 20.18.56

2013-05-04 20.19.37

And then, on Sunday morning, Robby let Peter learn to drive!  (He had to move the car over a few spots, don’t panic.  The 2 year old isn’t driving around town…..yet)   Robby’s such a good uncle!

2013-05-05 10.35.35

Melt my heart….

2013-05-04 19.33.15

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