Favorite Asparagus

Robby and I have a favorite way to cooking our asparagus.

I can’t WAIT to try it out on a grill this summer.  I’m sure it will be even better!



  • 2 bundles of asparagus

  • olive oil

  • garlic salt


  1. Preheat over to 350

  2. Wash asparagus and cut off ends

  3. Spread out asparagus on a foil lined baking sheet

  4. Drizzle about 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil over asparagus.  Use your hands to toss and coat each stalk.

  5. Generously sprinkle garlic salt over asparagus.

  6. Bake 20 minutes, take out to toss and stir, then bake 20-25 minutes.

  7. Enjoy!

Side note:  On a grill, bake for 30 minutes in a foil pouch, then open for last 10 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Asparagus

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