Hello Summer Time!

I blinked and it was June!  What happened to May?   Where did my 2 weeks of Spring go?!?!   Spring days are gone for good out here in Midland, TX.  Yesterday it was 106 degrees and it will only get better/worse as the summer wears on.   Yikes!

SO!  In order to keep my mind off of how miserably HOT it is outside, I’ve been traveling and focusing on work, friends, and cooking.   All of which have been a huge source of joy.

Work:  I am learning about geology and studying wells from the 1950’s-1960’s.  Today I finished a decent size project where I analyzed data and reports on how productive a set of wells were in a certain area.  This information allows my boss to better analyze the possibility of where to drill new wells and what will give us the best outcome.  Who knew!  I’m loving geology work!!    I recently ran into a friend from high school who is a science guru.  He reminded me that I slept through all of my science and math classes in high school, and yet here I am loving my job in science.  HA!  Just goes to prove that God works in mysterious ways, and can change out hearts in the most unexpected ways!

Traveling:  Robby went to Chicago for a bachelor trip for 5 days.  I went to Dallas to celebrate 2 different weddings with friends and family.  We both had FANTASTIC times!  It’s debatable who had more fun!

As for me (Alison) I enjoyed my city (Dallas), spent time with my college mentor Emily Gilstrap, went running at the Dallas Nature Center (thought I was going to die on our 3.5 mile hike/run in the humidity, but I survived!), had brunch at Oddfellows with Jenn and Johnny Mac, saw college friend – Vitateaux!  Made my first AdvoCare pick up at the Plano headquarters, visited with a very pregnant and lovely Alex M., shopped for shoes with Jenn and then attended the first wedding for Nathan and Taylor in Grapevine at a vineyard!  Just beautiful!   Then went to church with Maria at The Village (love my Dallas campus!), met up with my mom and had a cup of coffee with Jenn at Origin’s, then lunch with Mom at Cheesecake Factory, then ran errands before going tot he 2nd wedding in Denton for Brittany and Colt.  It was so pretty!!   The bride was gorgeous!  Best part was getting to catch up with family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while.  What a great celebration!

Robby went to a Cubs game, enjoyed some great stories with the guys on a party bus, LOTS of subway riding, golf, and more.   I would list out the rest, but you know guys….they don’t really tell you much.   For example:

Alison:  “Hey babe!  How was your trip?”

Robby:  “It was good.”

Alison:   “What did y’all do?  How was golf?”

Robby:  “I didn’t do well at golf.  Here are some pictures and videos from the trip.”

The end.

(To protect and respect the other guys on the trip, I won’t go into details about all the funny stories from the party.  Just know, they made some great memories in Chicago.  Love those guys!)

Food!  I stopped blogging about all of our recipes while on the cleanse.  Reason:  I got tired!  ha!   We bought a grill and LOVE having it around.  I feel like I haven’t been too creative with food lately.  Something about the temperature being over 100 degrees each day just SUCKS the creativity and desire to cook out of me.  But I’m going to work on it.  Eating while traveling wasn’t very easy.  I’m gluten free and dairy free….so, that means most things at a gas station or fast food place are off limits.  Also trying to cut back on my intake of red meat to only a few times each week.  Still, I found some great snack options.  Gluten free POPchips are really good!   A found a Flying J truck stop in Ty, Texas that has baby carrots and that just made my day!   Lesson for me to learn:  plan ahead when traveling!!

Blogging: Thank you Alex and Jenn for reminding me to blog again.  It’s nice to hear someone besides my mother reads this!  hehe (Love you, Mom!)

AdvoCare Update:   I LOVE WATERMELON SPARK!  Oh my goodness, it tastes like a Jolly Rancher, not even joking!   The 10 day cleanse was good.  I lost 7 pounds and 5 inches.  Due to that encouraging fact, I decided to keep going and finish out the 24 Day Challenge.  I’m on Day 22 right now and LOVING how I feel.  I sleep better, have more energy, don’t crave junk food, and my body is doing great while working out.  I’m trying to run more, though I’m hating running in the heat.  Running on a treadmill just isn’t the same, but it might be what I have to resort to until October when it finally decides to cool down out here.  I’m down 10 pounds from my original weight at the moment.  Rock on!  I’d post before and after pictures but….well……nahhhh.  You can just pretend like you see the difference when you see me again and give me all the compliments.  HA!

So for now, Robby is back home from Chicago and gearing up for the Quarter Century Golf Tournament at the Odessa Country Club.  I’m preparing to host my college girlfriends in Midland/Odessa for the weekend, and we’re making the best of the summer heat.

I’ll try and post a few recipes from our grill time soon.  The butternut squash is to die for!

That’s all for the moment.  Until next time!

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