AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge – results

I finished with my first AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.

And the results are in…

Measurements for the 24 Day Challenge:

Neck– down 3/4 of an inch

Bicep: half an inch

Waist: down 1 inch

Hips: inch and a half

Thigh: down 2 inches.  (Those squats and lunges paid off!)

Total inches:   5  3/4 inches!

Weight:  Lost 10 pounds

Towards the end I could feel muscle starting to build back on, so I wasn’t as worried with what the scales said.  Just happy with how I felt.  My clothes fit better and I have a LOT more energy than a month ago.  I feel confident and don’t miss junk food.  After a week or so I started to crave veggies ALL day long!  Not coffee, not chocolate, not greasy chips, I wanted healthy veggies!   Just shows that when you give you’re body what it needs, it responds better for you!

I’m proud of myself for keeping it up for 24 days.  It’s true, after a while it becomes a routine and then a habit.  The one thing I will work harder at is being consistent at the gym/running/working out.  When traveling it’s really hard to keep up with that, but it makes a difference!!

If you have ANY questions or want advice about doing a cleanse or a challenge like this, feel free to ask me!  It would be my joy to help anyone be make healthier choices and enjoy life!

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