Happy Anniversary – 1 Year!

We made it to the one year mark!  WOOHOO!   And goodness, the Lord had some fun things in store for us that we never saw coming:

  1. Lived in Odessa
  2. Lived with Robby’s grandfather
  3. Alison changes from her career in Education to Oil Investments
  4. Robby changes his career to Sales
  5. We go to almost every Texas A&M home game in the 2012 season – and watch the rise of Johnny Football!
  6. We watch as Robby’s little brother falls in love and proposes
  7. WE TRAVELED – a LOT!   As in…..pretty much every weekend!  I calculated the miles we traveled together from the first year, and it was 21,178. Over TWENTY ONE THOUSAND MILES!  WOW!   Yep, we got the road trip thing down.
  8. Made new friends
  9. Kept  in touch with old friends
  10. Alison learned how to play golf!
  11. We cooked!
  12. And so much more!

On our actual anniversary, Robby and his grandfather were playing in a big golf tournament.

Quarter Century 2013

My college friends came to visit that same weekend!  Oh, it was so much fun to have them around!  My heart was so blessed to have them in our home for the weekend.

College Girls visit Odessa

Summer Mummers 2

Summer Mummers

So much fun with friends, family, and golf!

Therefore, Robby and I didn’t do anything big for our 1 year mark.  We had a few hours together on our day, but really we just  enjoyed the entire week!  Today, we spent the whole day together.   That is such a rarity these days.  We stay busy, with golf, with friends, with family, with work.  Sometimes we just barely get a few words in before I’m fast asleep on his shoulder.  But today was different!

It all started with sleep!  We snuggled and slept in till 10:30am, then watched old cartoons in bed, like Scooby Doo!  That made my day!  Being lazy together can be such sweet moments together.  We know our days are numbered before there are children in our home who won’t let us sleep in.  (No, I’m not pregnant, but we’re just thinking ahead here….)  So we enjoy the silent moments together and try to cherish them.

Then we went to lunch at Chili’s for margaritas and junk food.  I’ve been eating clean and doing so well for the last month.  It’s about time I caved for something!

2013-06-15 13.22.41

Then we went to 2 museums in Midland.  I’ve never gone to either, and was very curious about them.  1st was the Petroleum Museum.  Though it’s a little old, it does a great job explaining about the oil and gas production in the Permian Basin.  After that we went to The Museum of the Southwest.  I adored the history of the home built in the 1930’s and enjoyed the art and photography.

2013-06-15 14.57.54

After a quick stop at DQ (Dairy Queen) for an afternoon drink, we went home for nap time and watching some golf on TV.

This evening we watched a movie and played Gin Rummy and  back yard games together.

backyard game night!

backyard game night!

So happy anniversary to my amazing husband.  It has been a year of surprises, joy, and sweet memories.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next year!

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