A Few Pictures

Amazing how time really does just fly on by, huh?!? I blink, and months have passed by!

Here are a few pictures that I forgot to post from trips, family, friends, and many MANY good times!

I started working on sewing (a 30X30 goal!) and made baby blankets for a few of my friends:


Robby’s brother got married! YAY! Danny and Kayla had a beautiful wedding (more pictures to come soon). I got to watch over the precious ring bearers, aren’t they cute! Sam & Peter:


The bull dog got a bath, and just looked too sweet to leave out of the blog post. She was quite tired from her adventures at the groomer, tuckered out in the car ride home:


We’ve been cooking more! The grill has been so useful and we really enjoy all the great things we can make off of it. Also, we tried spaghetti squash recently. Not bad at all!




Our nephew Sam turned 4! The family went to a baseball game while all in Midland and enjoyed the day.





And now, we’re in Rockport enjoying a vacation with Robby’s family. It’s very relaxing and chill down here on the coast. I’m enjoying my morning runs by myself and evening walks with my sis-in-law, Jenny! Swimming with the nephews, family dinners, and just visiting. Not many things can beat that!

More updates to come soon!


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