Rockport with the family


Family time at the beach was great!  We love spending time with our sweet nephews, Sam and Peter.  I mean, how could we not?  They might possibly be the cutest kids……..EVER.  (We’re not biased, nooooo, not at all!)

Here, Sam was hiding in a riviting game of Hide-n-Seek!

He's quite clever, hiding in cabinets!

He’s quite clever, hiding in cabinets!

We spent lots of time playing in the water and visiting.

2013-07-01 12.16.55

And of course, I had LOTS of time to catch up and visit with Jenny!   I loved our walks at night.

2013-07-03 11.45.44

One of our favorite nights was when we went to Port Aransas for dinner and an evening visit to the beach.  On the way there, we have to take a ferry boat.  FUN!

I loved how Joe and Jenn let the kids sit in their laps while we went on the ferry.

2013-07-03 16.42.33

Sam, being a goober with us.

2013-07-03 16.42.52

Oh, La Playa!  It was pretty great.  The food, the drinks, it was all good!

2013-07-03 17.07.29

Then we got to build sand castles and play in the ocean.  It’s amazing to me how the simplest things become huge adventures through the eyes of children.

2013-07-03 19.11.10

And of course, story time with Uncle Rob-Rob.  Just precious!  Melted my heart!  He’s a fantastic uncle and loves those boys so so much.

2013-07-03 00.46.24

Uncle Rocky told us about a great place for breakfast tacos, so we tried it out on July 4th.

Pretty good!

2013-07-04 10.02.00

Robby gives it a thumbs up!

2013-07-04 10.19.54

Until next time, see ya later Rockport!

Rockport Beach Sign

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