Happy Birthday, Scott!


Today my big brother turns 37!   WOW!

If you have not had the joy of meeting my brother Scott, you’re missing out.  Scott David is joyful, loving, family minded, and always ready to laugh or sing a song.   Always photogenic (lucky) my favorite feature of his are those dark eyes!  He’s just fantastic!

Our mom had a cake made with his favorite music artist, Garth Brooks!  I’m sure he LOVED it!  

scott's cake

Check out his face when they showed him the cake!   He loved it!!

Total surprise!

Total surprise!

I love his laugh!

I love his laugh!

You may think you have great sibilings, but I’m here to correct you.  Yours are ok.  My brothers are the BEST!   


Scott has always been loving and playful with me.  

scott and ali

We have our inside jokes and little things that are just for the 2 of us.  I can usually find my missing sunglasses wherever he is!

scott in sunglasses

Did I mention he’s happy?  He’s eager to greet people, give ’em his best Fonzy “HEEEEEEY!” with a thumbs up and spread some joy.


Yep, my brother is pretty great!    

Happy Birthday, Scott David!  


Scott @ pool

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