My guilty pleasures…..

Here’s the latest things that have my interest….

1.  Drop Dead Diva

Seriously, y’all.  I’m hooked.  I was since day one, I mean…who couldn’t love Deb/Jane!   Last summer I didn’t get to follow along due to our wedding, traveling, moving, and just summer chaos.  So I’ve been sneaking in time to watch on Netflix when my husband plays golf and have indulged completely!  I AM HOOKED ON DROP DEAD DIVA!


2.  Big Mama’s Blog

Melanie might be my girl crush.  I adore her Friday Fashion blogs, she has the greatest wit in writing, and loves the Lord with all of her heart.  AND she’s a Texan!

So of course, I’m reading her blog every day and can’t wait to bump into her at a Texas A&M football game.  (How about that?  We’re both fans!!  WHOOP!)

Big Mama

3.  Snack Time:  Oreos and JIF peanut butter.  


I know, I know!  This snack isn’t gluten free nor dairy free.   WHICH is probably the reason why I want it even more.

I haven’t had this snack in over a year.  I’m not sure what brought back the idea that eating these in bed while watching a movie would be good for me.

It wasn’t.   I ran for it the next day at the gym.   And it was WORTH it!

(God bless my husband for turning a blind eye to my PMS cravings!  He’s so good to me!)

4. PureWow

Each day they have fun facts and updates, fashion, recipes, new restaurants and activities.

I don’t remember how I stumbled on this website, but I love it!

Definitely a keeper!  If you don’t already read this, you need to check this out!

5.  My Friends Blogs!

My friends are the best, but I miss not being in the same city as them.

Reading their blogs makes me feel just a bit closer.  I’m able to laugh at their stories, see sweet pictures of children, and not skip a beat!

In no particular order, here are a few of them:

Jenny, my sister-in-law, photographer, and mother-extraordinaire!

Courtni – The Greshams, expectant mommy….any day now!

Katy  – Everyday Evans– college BFF, LOVE her stories in N. Carolina!

Rachel – cooking recipes with great stories!   AND releasing her 1st book!

Sarah (and Justin) – The Adventures of Doctors Ward!   another college BFF.  A fun couple who love life and love to laugh!

Brittany (AKA Magee)  Bobsled adventures…need I say more?!?  She’s so cool!

That’s all for the moment.  Till next time…..

“Keep looking up, ’cause that’s where it all is.” – Kidd Kraddick

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