Back To School

This week I went back to the classroom. It’s been almost 2 years since I taught elementary school. I was a little nervous at first, but I am back in my groove. My assignment this year is 4th grade Reading/Writing.

The first day left me exhausted! Then again, it usually does every year. I come home from a long day of teaching procedures, barely able to stand, as limp as a dishrag. The word tired just doesn’t come close to what a teacher feels that first day.

But this year was different than the other 5 years of teaching. This year, I have a husband to come home to! What a wonderful guy he is! He grilled steaks and made all the fixings for me. It was a huge blessing to have that after such a rushed and chaotic day.


There were flowers, too!


All in all, it’s been a great week! I’m privileged to have such a great grade level staff, administrators, parents, and sweet students to work with each day. We’ve giggled and laughed and learned about poetry, reading, and writing all in the first week. Not bad! Boy, has it worn me out!!

Below are a few pictures from my classroom this week. I’m anxious to get student work up on the wall. Perhaps next week.








Friends and Family and Food, oh my!

This is going to be a long post, so grab a drink and get comfy!

I finished my job with the geologist last week and had a few days off before starting my new job.  (That’s right!  New job!  More to come on that later.)  So I decided to go visit my family in East Texas and get some quality time in with them.  Robby had to stay back because he started his new job this week.  (Yep, he got a new job, too!   We’re busy around here, huh?!)

I started out on my journey, listening to pod-casts and spending time in prayer.  Once I got to Ft. Worth, I stopped for the night to split up the trip.  First on my list was to attend my little cousin Collin’s baptism!  I loved getting to see my college friend and cousin Spencer baptize his own son.  So cool!

Spencer baptizing Collin

Spencer baptizing Collin

My best friend from college, Miranda, attended the baptism with me and then we went to eat before I crashed at her house for the night.  We spent some great time catching up, goodness me I needed that time with her.   She took me to a fantastic restaurant in Ft. Worth called Brewed and then we chatted some more at her house.  Some how I forgot to get a picture with her for this blog post.  But I did snap a picture of her adorable make-up vanity area.  When Robby and I get our own place, I want Miranda to come help decorate.

Miranda's great style!

Miranda’s great style!

AND THEN, I stopped by a coffee shop to see another best friend from college, Jennifer.  She made me a great cup of coffee and I enjoyed visiting her at work.  If you get a chance, go by Origins in Dallas and get her to whip up something for you!  She’s a great barista.



I liked the little heart she made for me in the froth.

I liked the little heart she made for me in the froth.

After that, it was home to Mt. Pleasant!


Though extremely hot and humid (heat index of 108 on most days there.  YIKES!), I enjoyed every moment there.  Just to sit on the deck in the back yard and listen to the cicada.  It truly is the sound of a summer night for me.  Aside from that, I spent time with family doing lots of fun things.

I went with my grandmother and father to visit my great-aunt, Jewel.  She’s 101 years old and just a clever as ever!  I just love listening to her stories.  She’s a fantastic story-teller and can hold an audience captive for hours.

2013-08-06 15.22.03

2013-08-06 15.39.31

My mother and I went to Holly Hill Homestead to have lunch with our friend Jolene.  You may remember that a few months back I mentioned Jolene’s wonderful poppy-seed dressing.  Of course, I picked up a few more bottles while there at the B&B.   And lunch….just delish!  Here are a few pictures from Holly Hill, a precious bed and breakfast set back in the piney woods of  East Texas.

The front porch is so inviting!

The front porch is so inviting!

A cozy little bed nestled on the back porch!

A cozy little bed nestled on the back porch!

Look at this kitchen!  I'm in love!

Look at this kitchen! I’m in love!

Jolene's cooking is a taste of Heaven!

Jolene’s cooking is a taste of Heaven!

The newest cabin.  Can't wait to stay there!

The newest cabin. Can’t wait to stay there!

Jolene and Mom, long time friends

Jolene and Mom, long time friends

2013-08-07 14.48.26

No trip would be complete without spending time with my niece and nephew.  They’re schedules were pretty busy, but I swept them away at 9:00pm for a late night trip to get ice cream!  Aren’t they cute!?!?!  Love these kiddos!

My Munchkin, Zachary.

My Munchkin, Zachary.

Brookers!  She's growing up way too fast.

Brookers! She’s growing up way too fast.

My trip home was over far too soon.  But I was excited to make my way back home because I had friends to see in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  For lunch I called up friends that I taught with while in Richardson ISD.  Though many couldn’t make it, a great group showed up.  It’s so fun to catch up with everyone!  Love them!

Forest Lane Academy Staff!  Love these people!

Forest Lane Academy Staff! Love these people!

And then!!!   I saw friends with babies!!  2 of my dearest friends are new mommies!   I couldn’t wait to catch up with them, hear about their new additions, and hold sweet babies!   Alex and baby Zevin were 1st.  He was 1 month old and a little darling.  Alex looks great, just glowing away.  (or maybe that’s the delirious side of no sleep for a month!  ha!)

2013-08-08 11.47.31

Alex, baby Zevin, and me!

The next new-born to see was Courtni and baby Hayes.  He was 1 week old!!   SO TINY!  I didn’t get a picture of Courtni (You’re welcome, Courtni), but I love these precious pictures with Hayes.  He slept so soundly in my arms and I almost didn’t hand him over when his great-grandmother showed up.  Newborns are so sweet!

Hayes and me

Hayes and me

Look at that little smile.   Melt my heart!

Look at that little smile. Melt my heart!

By the time that I visited with all these wonderful people and held sweet babies (I might have a bit of baby fever, but who wouldn’t after seeing these two little guys?!?!), it was time to keep on driving home.  Reluctantly I started back on I-20 and kept on trucking West.  Rain hit around Abilene, and there was a beautiful sky.

2013-08-08 19.37.15

I made it home safely and couldn’t WAIT to get a hug and kiss from my hubby!  What a enjoyable trip.