Happy Birthday, Mark!

My big brother turns  *ahem* 40 today!!    WOW!

I wish I could be there to remind him how old…I mean how GREAT he is!

My sister-in-law, Kathy, did it up right in my absence and decorated Mark’s office as well as stuffed his car full of black balloons.  It’s like she read my mind or something!?!?!


image (1)

On a serious note, though….

Mark truly has been a wonderful brother.  There’s never a moment that I can think of not being able to turn to him.  He’s caring, fun, loving, ready to laugh, willing to help, an active member of his community, and a terrific father.

Mark, I am honored to be your baby sister!   Happy birthday, bro!

And now for my favorite part….the throwback pictures!

Here, Mark sports what is beyond a mullet.  It’s really quite long in the back.  So if it is a party in the back, then my brother can rock it!


Next, we have such a sweet big brother, playing with me as a baby.    And everyone says, “Awwwwe!”


The next is Mark’s favorite….when he decided I should wear my panties on my head.   Thank, bro.  Cute.  Real cute.



Happy birthday, Mark!

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