The Greatest Man I Never Knew….

The past few weeks have been challenging.   (To say the least.)

  • We’ve been patient and waited.
  • We’ve prayed fervently.
  • We’ve traveled, some family and friends came from the other side of the United States!
  • We’ve seen the weather go from ice to 80 degrees to 17 degrees.  Crazy Texas weather.
  • We’ve laughed.
  • We’ve met new friends.
  • We’ve reunited with old ones.
  • We’ve met family members.
  • We’ve hugged, embraced, and held hands.
  • We’ve cried and blown our noses more than we can count.
  • We’ve grieved and mourned.
  • But most importantly, we’ve rejoiced as a loved one went home to Heaven.

This week, we said good-bye to Robby’s dad, Bill Rigney, Jr.  After years of battling Alzheimer’s, God called Bill home.

Bill Rigney, Jr.

I did not get to know my father-in-law when he was well.  I’ve heard stories for 3 years now and seen pictures.  But this week, I got to know my father-in-law.  Through friends and family reuniting to remember Bill’s life and legacy, I saw who Christ made him.

Robby had an amazing father!  This man was positive and all smiles.  He was the guy you call when you’re in a bind.  Need help with something at work?  Call Bill!  (I now know where Robby gets his ability to run numbers in his head!)  Bill was the guy who loved people.  The stories from his college buddies were just the start of his love for a good time.  He was the big brother.  You could see something sparkle in the eyes of Aunt Lynne and Uncle Tommy as they told stories about their big brother.   He was intentional.  He was patient.  He loved his family!   He poured his life into his friends and family daily.  Bill kept up with others, no matter where they lived (some far away) and no matter when he had last seen them.   My father-in-law loved life, and lived it to the fullest.

I am privileged to call Bill my father-in-law.  What an amazing legacy he left for us.

Here’s a small snippet of his life, just a brief summary, of the great guy Bill was.   



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