New House!

We have moved!   

After a year & a half of being married, Robby and I unpacked boxes from our separate lives pre-marriage and set up our 1st home.  Oh, how I’ve dreamed of this day for so long!

I know I sent out thank you letters after the wedding, and I have given many hugs and big smiles, but THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all of the thoughtful wedding gifts.   Many of you don’t even know the blessings that you have brought into our lives so many months after the wedding.  As we unpacked, it was a flood of memories of sweet friends and families that gave us each item.  New knives – thanks Uncle Rocky and Aunt Carol!  Beautiful plates from Crate & Barrel – thanks Cousin Allison!  Pretty pillows for our bedroom – thanks to my mother’s Yaya’s!   Each item that we unpacked had a story behind it.  We were overwhelmed with blessings and memories!

We are still settling in, unpacking things as we go, and trying to remember where we put everything.   There aren’t many picture of our new place just yet.  Maybe soon when we get set up.  Until then, here we are in front of our 1st home:

Our 1st Place

Our 1st Place

And…..our 1st Christmas Tree:

2013-12-23 21.58.58

Yes, this year we are very blessed.

Merry Christmas!    

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