30 Days Till 30 – 26 Days to Go!

Yesterday I told you about the #1 and #2 things in my life, today is #3-5.

#3  The Alexander Family

Alison's Family

Alison’s Family

I’m currently blogging from my parents house in Mt. Pleasant, TX.   (North East Texas at it’s finest!)   My family is sitting around watching the Cowboys play football, a roaring fire is keeping us all cozy, I have both brothers sitting beside me, Mom and Dad visiting with Robby and me, sister-in-law having teacher talk with me, my niece and nephew running around the house.   All this adds up to one things = LIFE IS GOOD!   I’ve blogged about my bothers before, so I won’t remind you how amazing both Mark and Scott are.  My mother and father are pretty great people.   Both give selflessly to the community, help others when given the chance, and have a smile on their face and love in their heart for anyone they encounter.  My grandmother was here earlier, an intelligent and wise 91 year old whom I seek advice from.  My family is very important to me.  I have only known one house; we never moved!   I grew up with both sets of grandparents in the same small hometown and cousins all over the place.  Yep, Mt. Pleasant and Mayberry were pretty much the same place for me!   My heart is so happy to be back here with them for the holidays.  My family is always in my heart while we are apart.  I love my family!


#4 – The Rigney/Reese Family

Robby's family

Robby’s family

My 2nd family is my husband’s family. Robby’s family accepted me as one of their own so quickly, that it’s sometimes hard to remember that we haven’t been family forever!   My mother-in-law Greta is so helpful and jumps at the chance to give to others around her.  Joe & Jenn have become not only family but friends to Robby and me.  Danny & Kayla bring so much talent and music to our family!  Sam & Peter, the precious nephews, keep us laughing and entertained all day long.  Daddy Jim, Robby’s grandfather, so gracioiusly let us live with him for the past 1 1/2 years, and Manaynee, Robby’s grandmother, is so sweet!   And then there’s cousins and aunts and uncles.  Oh my!   What would I do without Aunt Carol and Uncle Rocky to joke with when our family gets together?    Yes, the Rigney and Reese family are very near and dear to my heart.

#5 – My College Friends!

The College Girls, Christmas 2012

The College Girls, Christmas 2012

The day I moved to college I met 5 ladies:  Crystal (my roomie), Sarah, Miranda, Jennifer, and Katy.  We have added in friends along the years (Jessica is awesome!!), always welcoming anyone that has an open heart and love to share.  After 11 years, we have stayed close and get toether as often as we can.  We have stood in each others weddings, laughed till we peed our pants, cried through heataches, and prayed ferverently for each other.  We have traveled together, sometimes even as far as around the world, and giggled ourselves silly way into the wee hours of the night.   Our mothers told us early on that our friendship was special and one-of-a-kind.  Little did we know ours was a friendship that spans the globe, that endures the ages, and holds us together through the good and bad that life hands us.  I know that if I needed anything, all I have to do is call any of them and they will be there.  Just this past weekend we got together  and laughed and talked till after midnight, and it did my heart such good to see these ladies!  How fun it’s been to watch Katy fall in love with Dan and get married 8 years ago, or Sarah bring Justin to meet us all in Dallas for weekend and later go on to marry him and have their own optomotry office!   The guys are just as much a part of our group, bringing joy and laughter to us all!   We love each other like family.   I don’t know where I would be without my college girlfriends!  Love you, ladies!

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