Announcing…..DRILL TEAM TIME!

Looking back on my childhood, I remember late nights spent at the dance studio practicing ballet or jazz, countless hours driving my family crazy playing piano and hearing them shout, “SLOW DOWN!!” due to my goal of playing a piece as fast as possible, and traveling with the choir for competitions and performances.   Now that I’m an adult, I am so incredibly grateful to my parents for all the time spent shuttling me to these events as well as financially making it possible!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

And a note to my parents:

I promise  your time and money has not gone to waste.  Though I did not pursue music or dance in college, nor become a teach for either of those things, I promise I’m still using those talents!   I sing to/with my students in class.  (Yesterday, we sang “Tomorrow” from Annie while we packed up, sooooo much fun!)  And now, I get to teach drill team for last period!   That’s right, all those long, hard hours spent being a Mt. Pleasant Tiger Doll are coming back!

I can’t WAIT to start choreography and play with the pom-poms!   High kick line for elementary is going to be precious!
Maybe one day one of my students will go on to be a Rangerette!

Kilgore Rangerettes

Pictures to come soon….

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