Life update…..

It happened. I honestly tried not to let it. You blink, and months have flown by! You finally have a moment to sit and decompress from the hustle and bustle, and realize that you used to have a life outside of work. What did you do with all that free time? You blogged! oh, yeahhhhh! About that….haven’t updated in a while, huh?

Since my mind thinks in lists lately, here’s the list of what’s kept us busy:

1a. Teaching – 4th graders are funny little people! I have a bunch of sweet, kind, and funny students this year. Lots of characters in there. Sometimes Ranger helps me grade papers.
Ranger Grading papers

1b. – Robby’s job is going well. =) I don’t know much about it, but he says it’s good!

2. It’s fall in Texas. That means FOOTBALL! We’ve been traveling to home games for Texas A&M (whoop!) It’s always fun to catch up with friends at games.
Aggie 2014

Aggie game 2014

3. If we haven’t been at the game, we’ve watched with friends and thrown a party.

4. Robby went hunting! Unfortunately, it rained the entire time. Still, he enjoyed visiting with friends.

5. Family! My momma came to visit us in Midland! It was a great time catching up with her.
mom and me

6. Ranger! Our sweet pup is almost one year old, and has a ton of energy. She keeps us active!!
Ranger & Football

7. Friends! I got to catch up with my college girls as well as lots of time with my Bible study friends.
Jess' Wedding

summer mummers

And so, there you go! Not much cooking going on around here, but I’m hoping to make some yummy spice cake cookies tomorrow for Bible Study. We’ll see if that happens!

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