We LOVE Baseball!

When I joined the Rigney family, I knew that baseball was a big part of “us” and who we are.  Robby’s family has deep roots in baseball, and it is evident in the man cave in our home, in our dates as a young couple in Dallas (My Texas! My Rangers!) and our TV channels at home!

Who knew I would actually love baseball, too?!?!

After I met Robby, baseball became fun to me.   I learned to keep score and follow players through the season.      I got excited when the Rangers were in the World Series!   The girl who knew nothing about sports, could keep up with Sports Center at night.  What was happening to me?  I was becoming a Rigney.  

The ultimate proof that I’m “in,” I couldn’t wait to come to Spring Training for my week off of work.   A day game sitting in the berm with my hubby sounds pretty good to me!  (I only wish we could bring our dog with us!)

Day #1- Oakland A’s and the Diamondbacks.      We had seats behind the players’ wives and kids.   Nice shaded area, very chill and relaxed.   Nice!

Day #2- Giants v Brewers

On this day, Robby and I relaxed in the berm on a blanket with a few hundred other fans.    It’s always entertaining in the berm!   

Day #3- Rangers v White Sox

Another great day in the berm!    The clouds and a breeze made it the perfect weather.   

It’s a long way back to the Ballpark in Arlington!

Robby tried to work with me on keeping scores and stats.    Not too sure about this yet, but I think I can get it right!

Oh!   AND I got us on TV sending a shout out back to Midland.   Watch out, media, I think I like the camera!

Many of you asked, and yes…Will Ferrell showed up to play baseball, but we missed him.   Our game time was quite enjoyable, though.  

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