Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality definition: A view of what is real, that has been augmented by computer generated input, like images, video, websites, audio, etc.

Y’all.   This will blow your students’ minds.    It’s addicting! 

 Aurasma is an amazing app that is changing not only education, but marketing/advertising.  (SXSW utilized this during the 2015 season very well. )

**Downfall for classrooms, this works on iPads.     If you don’t have iPads on campus, then you’re at a loss.    If you are anBYOD campus (bring your own device), this works pretty well.   It does work from a laptop or desk top, but takes some work.   Best for iPads

Video tutorial This video does a great job stepping you through how to set up and get started.  

Ideas for use:

  • Meet the Teacher Night-  put rules, class information, schedules, etc…napping your classroom and encourage students and parents to walk around the room to get to know you.   This will build excitement for the school year like you’ve never seen before!
  • Fine Arts- display your work or a picture in the hallway and have your video telling the biography, your own performance, etc…   EX:  a picture of Mozart hangs in the piano classroom.  When students use the Aurasma app to hover over it, a video of a peer playing a piece by Mozart streams.   
  • Research Projects-  Students can video their presentation of the project!
  • Science Fair-  Science boards go from boring to INTERACTIVE!   Students can film themselves while conducting the experiments and then have each part linked to the scientific method displayed on their board.  Judges, parents, staff, and peers can watch exactly what each scientist did step by step.    
  • Class instructions-  engagement is key here!    Have students do a “gallery walk” around your classroom to explore and investigate more about a topic.  

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