Web Tools 2.0


Students can create their own comic strips that can bring their writing to life!    Think about using this with new vocabulary, teaching processes, and bringing ideas to life.    



This is a great (free) white board that students can do scratch work on.   



Easy way to create a clean, professional looking website.   This is very simple (I would trust 3rd graders with making one of these!) and provides help to start your own site.    What a great way to have students demonstrate their learning!



This free website is terrific for classrooms with iPads.    When students join your class/lesson online, they follow your presentation.  It keeps everyone on the same page and solves the issue of not having a smart board or projector.   No need!    You can take your classroom anywhere for a lesson and have them on the same presentation page with you!



One way to use this is to brainstorm about a topic.    This tool helps students analyze the text/topic given.   Think about using this at the end of a novel study, unit taught, or project.   Great for K-12. 

**NOTE!!! This doesn’t work on Chromebooks!!   eLearningindustry has a great blog post on 5 word cloud generators to try out.  


This is basically anREALLY cool slide show.    Best use is for vocabulary.     

Go to animoto.com/education and signup for a teacher account.    This will give you free student accounts!    

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