AdvoCare: Prep for the 24 Day Challenge

Ever feel like the kitchen pantry is calling your name while you are on a diet?   “Just a few Doritos won’t hurt, right?” “OREOssssss!”   There are so many tempting foods in my home, whispering my name when I’m trying to be healthy.  Resist, my friends.   You can do it!

As you get ready for the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge,  here are a few things you can do to make the most of the challenge.

  1. Clean out your pantry!   (and fridge….and freezer!)  Do you really need all the ramen packages that have been in there for 6 months?  Nope!    Clean it out!!   Along with getting rid of anything that isn’t going to help you during the 24 Day Challenge (Check here to see what is permitted during the cleanse phase and the max phase), this is a great time to take inventory on what you have on hand.
  2. Make a list.   After you have cleaned out and organized what is in your kitchen, make a list of what you have on hand.   3 frozen chicken breasts?  Perfect!  You can throw those in the crockpot for a hearty taco soup.  Can of green beans?   OK!   While fresh is always best during the 24 days, sometimes you’re in a pinch for food that is ready to go.  Make a list and post is somewhere visible.   As you use an item, cross it off.   This will always help with grocery shopping so you don’t over buy.
  3. MEAL PLAN! MEAL PLAN!  MEAL PLAN!  It’s important.   Like REALLY important.  You can use the Daily Guide that AdvoCare provides, or just sit down with a piece of paper and start planning.   Go one week at a time.  (I usually plan and grocery shop on Sunday because it helps me look at schedules and be ready.)    When you don’t plan ahead, you are more likely to eat what is readily available.  If your work/office area is anything like mine, there is always sugary sweets around.   So dangerous!
  4. Which brings me to my next one = PLAN FOR SNACKS!   Not only do you need to plan for meals, but plans for snacks.   Carry carrots in your bag.  I usually have a plastic baggie of trail mix or almonds.   That 3 o’clock slump won’t get you down when you have snacks ready to go.
  5. Don’t forget the water!  Go ahead and clean out a few water bottles.   It is recommended that you divide your weight in half, and that’s how many ounces of water you should drink each day.  Each day that I think I’ll refill my water bottle at work, I get distracted and don’t.  So I take at least two 64oz water bottles with me to work and have another of the same size in my gym bag so I’m not thirsty during my work out.
  6. Prep your products.   I love have everything in it’s own baggie ready to go.   My hubby and I use different products during the cleanse phase (I use the vegetarian meal replacement shake, he doesn’t)  Here is how I keep us separate and organized.   This next round I cleaned out a drawer in the kitchen just for AdvoCare.  Nice!


    Day 1 of cleanse phase



If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment and add to the list.


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