2014 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from The Rigneys! We started the new year with friends all together in DFW, watching Johnny Football and the Aggies win the Chick-fil-A bowl, and a great band playing a live show for us. Fantastic!

And to keep the tradition going, we ate black eyed peas for good luck on New Years Day.

Hoping the best for you and your family in 2014!



Hello Fall!

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the chill in the air when I’m going to work. I love the leaves on the road in our neighborhood. My nose delights in the smell of BBQ when we arrive to our tailgate at Texas A&M. The seasonal colors are fun and inspires me to decorate. And don’t let me forget my ever favorite pumpkin spice latte that makes its annual appearance at Starbucks. Yes, fall is my favorite.

My family, ever loyal to the Dallas Cowboys, instilled in me at an early age that even if I’m not paying attention to the game I still suit up and wear the clothes. This picture is for them:


The first leaf of fall


Craft time! I started painting the R for our front door wreath.


Our fall front door:


I will finish our new Texas A&M wreath for the ring door this week. More picture to come soon!

A Few Pictures

Amazing how time really does just fly on by, huh?!? I blink, and months have passed by!

Here are a few pictures that I forgot to post from trips, family, friends, and many MANY good times!

I started working on sewing (a 30X30 goal!) and made baby blankets for a few of my friends:


Robby’s brother got married! YAY! Danny and Kayla had a beautiful wedding (more pictures to come soon). I got to watch over the precious ring bearers, aren’t they cute! Sam & Peter:


The bull dog got a bath, and just looked too sweet to leave out of the blog post. She was quite tired from her adventures at the groomer, tuckered out in the car ride home:


We’ve been cooking more! The grill has been so useful and we really enjoy all the great things we can make off of it. Also, we tried spaghetti squash recently. Not bad at all!




Our nephew Sam turned 4! The family went to a baseball game while all in Midland and enjoyed the day.





And now, we’re in Rockport enjoying a vacation with Robby’s family. It’s very relaxing and chill down here on the coast. I’m enjoying my morning runs by myself and evening walks with my sis-in-law, Jenny! Swimming with the nephews, family dinners, and just visiting. Not many things can beat that!

More updates to come soon!


30 by 30: Do Something Spontaneous!

I know, I know…..if it’s spontaneous then you can’t plan on it.   You see, for me at least, it needs to be written done to remind me that it’s ok to DO SOMETHING SPONTANEOUS and deviate from the plans.

And that’s just what happened this past Tuesday night.  I was driving home from work and thought to my self, “Self, what a beautiful evening.  I bet Robby would love to play golf.  Hmmmm, I wonder if he would let me ride along and enjoy the evening?!”

I texted him, “Golf?”  and we were on the course an hour later.   The best part, our friends Hilary and John dropped what they were doing and came out to join us!!   How awesome are they?!?!

So what started out as a ride along turned into me learning how to play golf.  I have NEVER played before.  I stink at putt-putt, and it’s just be assumed that the world is a better and safer place because I don’t play sports.  Robby turned that around, though.  I had a fantastic time playing, and even bogeyed on one hole!    (No pictures just yet, I need to improve drastically before I publicly post pictures of me swinging a club.)

What a perfectly spontaneous night!

2013-05-07 18.34.30

Hil and Alison

2013-05-07 18.49.44

2013-05-07 18.27.55

April was a BUSY month!

I just realized that I haven’t been able to post and update the blog in a LONG time!  The month of April has gone by so quickly, but has been filled with lots of friends and family.   Here’s a few pictures and updates for you:

My bestie from college came to visit!   (More college friends are coming in June.  I.  CAN’T.   WAIT!!!!)

Jenn and Alison

Jenn and Alison

We went to John and Hilary’s house to hang out and made Lemon Drop Martini’s with fresh raspberries from my friend Rachel’s blog, We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook.   SO GOOD!

Photo bomber, John, in the background

Photo bomber, John, in the background

I helped organize and clean out my mother-in-law’s storage building one Sunday.  Along the way she told me precious stories about the family and showed me their treasures.  My favorite:  finding her wedding dress!

Greta's wedding dress

Greta’s wedding dress

Every spring, my cousins on my mother’s side get together to see a musical.  My great-aunt Betty started this tradition years ago.  This year, on the anniversary of her going to Heaven, we all went to see Wicked at Fair Park in Dallas.  It was nothing less that spectacular.  Honestly, I could go on and on about it, but I’m still slightly speechless at how incredible the cast was.  Just……WOW!

Cousins at Wicked!

Cousins at Wicked!

During tutoring, my student brought out a new book.  I was a little stunned by it at first (was sort of dark on the cover of the book) but quickly I was reading through it with her.   (She’s SUCH a joy to tutor, by the way.  I will miss working with her during the summer months).  Ghostopolis is a creative story about a boy who gets stuck in the Underworld.  It’s written in comic strip form, which really appeals to my student.  Cute story line!  I’d recommend it to any 4th-6th graders, even some in Jr. High!

Ghost 2


Did I mention that I know a published author?!?!   Another best friend from college, Miranda Campbell, has been a great joy and influence in my life.  She just published her first of hopefully many books, Missing Dad.  I was excited to get her to sign my copy when I had lunch with her and Crystal (my best college roommate, ever!) in downtown McKinney last weekend.    Go buy it!   It’s great!

Miranda's book

And then….there’s was a 1980’s Engagement Party for our friends Kyle & Jenn.  Of COURSE we had to dress up!  And boy-oh-boy, did we we dress to the 9’s.  Don’t be jealous of my husband’s legs.   I”ll let the picture speak for itself.

1980's were great years for us!

1980’s were great years for us!

So yeah!    April was busy and fun!  Can’t wait to see what May has in store for us!

My not-so-breakfast-in-bed Morning

For my birthday Robby gave me a book of coupons to use.  “Free shoulder massage  or “Breakfast in bed”.  I decided to use the breakfast in bed one this weekend!  But when the time came for Robby to get out of bed and get food, I didn’t want him to leave.  Snuggling on a lazy morning is just too precious to skip out on.

So I opted to go to iHop for breakfast instead.  I was such a happy lady.  Time with the hubby, lazy morning, coffee, waffles,….what more could I want?!?!  It was perfect!




To my teacher friends.

I’ve been away from the traditional classroom for one full year.  And trust me, it’s taken that full year to rest, reflect, and assess if teaching is for me.  It is safe to say that I was completely burnt from the school I was at for 5 years.  The staff was wonderful, more like a family and support system for anything you needed.  The students came from challenging homes and the class sizes grew every year.  (The last year I was there, it was not uncommon to have 30 5th graders in my classroom, 90 students total that I saw each day.)   The constant change of leadership, state standards, the district’s insatiable hunger for the best and more just took ever ounce of energy, joy, and creativity out of me.  And now….well, I’m still thinking it over if I will go back to the classroom.  I will let you know on another blog post.

I came across this educator’s post called  Evaluate Me, Please.   She conveys such a humble but strong message of evaluation, standards, and what she strives for personally.  I would love to sit in on a lesson in her classroom and watch the magic happen.  I bet she’s excellent at her craft.

For my teacher friends, remember that Christmas break is not far!  HOORAY!  And that excellence in the classroom doesn’t happen over night.  It’s a personal journey of learning from the good, the bad, and the really ugly!   Each school year is different, each class with different dynamics.  Some will be easier to teach than others.    Know that I pray for your strength and creativity and joy in the classes.  You ARE making a difference in a student’s life each day.

The time we were on the field to watch the Aggies…






Pan shot of walking on to Kyle Field.

That’s right!  We were ever so fortunate as to get field passes to be on the field to watch the Fightin’ Texas Aggies play a game this season.  And let me tell you what….it was breath taking!  Over 80,000 fans cheering at the same time!  A great game!  It was wonderful!   We got to high five the players as they walked in through the tunnel, stand by the end zone at the end of the game when the Yell Leaders are taken to the fish pond, and be close enough to the team to smell the sweaty uniforms.  (Ok, not all things were pleasant, but it was full of memories!)  I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

The yell leaders, ready to be thrown into the fountain in celebration of a win.

The yell leaders, ready to be thrown into the fountain in celebration of a win.

The terrific pilots that did the fly-over at the start of the game!

The terrific pilots that did the fly-over at the start of the game!

The student section, loud and proud.

The student section, loud and proud.

Daily Prompt

Do you remember doing a Daily Prompt in school?  I LOVED it!  My 8th grade teacher was fantastic at it.  She would have us do timed writings to increase our  thought flow and build up endurance for writing.  She was super creative and amazingly talented at handling our obnoxious GT (Gifted and Talented, though majority of the times Goofy and Talkative) class of 14.  Our journals were filled with writing from prompts and the teacher would always participate with us.

When I saw the Daily Post at Word Press, the 8th grade me (still buried somewhere deep inside) got giddy!  A writing prompt!!  FUN!

So for those of you who enjoy journal writing in your moleskins or on your own blogs, check out the Daily Prompt for some inspiration!

Today’s prompt:  Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.

Oh heavens,…..what a prompt!