Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality definition: A view of what is real, that has been augmented by computer generated input, like images, video, websites, audio, etc.

Y’all.   This will blow your students’ minds.    It’s addicting! 

 Aurasma is an amazing app that is changing not only education, but marketing/advertising.  (SXSW utilized this during the 2015 season very well. )

**Downfall for classrooms, this works on iPads.     If you don’t have iPads on campus, then you’re at a loss.    If you are anBYOD campus (bring your own device), this works pretty well.   It does work from a laptop or desk top, but takes some work.   Best for iPads

Video tutorial This video does a great job stepping you through how to set up and get started.  

Ideas for use:

  • Meet the Teacher Night-  put rules, class information, schedules, etc…napping your classroom and encourage students and parents to walk around the room to get to know you.   This will build excitement for the school year like you’ve never seen before!
  • Fine Arts- display your work or a picture in the hallway and have your video telling the biography, your own performance, etc…   EX:  a picture of Mozart hangs in the piano classroom.  When students use the Aurasma app to hover over it, a video of a peer playing a piece by Mozart streams.   
  • Research Projects-  Students can video their presentation of the project!
  • Science Fair-  Science boards go from boring to INTERACTIVE!   Students can film themselves while conducting the experiments and then have each part linked to the scientific method displayed on their board.  Judges, parents, staff, and peers can watch exactly what each scientist did step by step.    
  • Class instructions-  engagement is key here!    Have students do a “gallery walk” around your classroom to explore and investigate more about a topic.  

No Points For You!

Thank you to this mother for reminding me of the other side of my job. There is SO much more to a student than what a baseline test can measure. May all educators remember this when speaking at parents conferences.

teach from the heart

Confession time.

My kid failed 4K screening.

I’m a total failure as a parent.

Okay, not really…the failure as a parent part.

Or the failing 4K screening part.

You don’t fail a screening, but you do get labeled.

I was told that C was developmentally behind.

Total disclaimer: I had no intention of sending him to 4K as I loved our play-centered daycare, but I did it because ‘everyone’ is supposed to.

It hurt my heart to hear those words…developmentally behind.

Then it made me angry when I was told the why.

He failed cutting.


He was not quite four and a lefty.

They gave him right-handed scissors and asked him to cut out a semi-circle.

He did a bang up job until the end where he cut off part of the black line.

Perfect almost three-quarters of the way around, but then…

He failed to stay on the line.


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Work, Teaching, and Friends

#7 and #8 on my list of 30 Things bring a smile to my face and warm my heart.

#7- My FLA Family. My first job after college was as an admin assistant for a VP at my university, DBU. My job was nice and it allowed me to start working on my masters degree. During that time I realized that God gave me a talent to teach and I should start using that talent! In the summer of 2007, I stepped into my classroom for the first time in July, no AC in the room, junk left from the last teacher, dead cockroaches scattered around the carpet and halls, and lots or hope and dreams in my heart. Much like my college experience, I had no idea how much God was going to bless me with friendships. My 2 co-teachers were the PERFECT fit! Greta Caldwell and Analisa Rodriguez.

Greta, Analisa, and Alison


These ladies are like superheroes to me. I always blew off the comments about us being The Dream Team, or the joke about us as Charlie’s Angels. But ya know what,….they were right, now that I look back on it! I learned so much about discipline, using data to structure my lessons, keeping my faith, laughing a LOT each day, and what a true team looks like. There was never a moment where I doubted my team. We were a unified front, all pulling our weight equally. Later Greta went on to be a Math Specialist, and Cara was added to our team.  What a character!  She was our missing piece and jumped right in.  She would even participate in our dress up shenanigans!  Pictured below is our Mad Scientist Day!

Mad Scientists

And it wasn’t just my grade level! The whole campus had a very unusual makeup to it. We all liked each other! There was a mutual respect between everyone. We were young, energetic, optimistic and willing to take on any challenge with a smile. Years later, we still try to get together and catchup.   Love these people!

Forest Lane Academy Staff!  Love these people!

Forest Lane Academy Staff! Love these people!


Al this leads me to #8 – my current job

I love my new school!   The students are so much fun, parents are involved, leadership is great!  It is so nice to come home and have a smile on my face each and every day.   Everyone should have a job like that!   It is full of challenges and fun opportunities for the students.  The fine arts academy setting attracts a delightful group of students, so talented in their own ways.  I really enjoy working here!

Back To School

This week I went back to the classroom. It’s been almost 2 years since I taught elementary school. I was a little nervous at first, but I am back in my groove. My assignment this year is 4th grade Reading/Writing.

The first day left me exhausted! Then again, it usually does every year. I come home from a long day of teaching procedures, barely able to stand, as limp as a dishrag. The word tired just doesn’t come close to what a teacher feels that first day.

But this year was different than the other 5 years of teaching. This year, I have a husband to come home to! What a wonderful guy he is! He grilled steaks and made all the fixings for me. It was a huge blessing to have that after such a rushed and chaotic day.


There were flowers, too!


All in all, it’s been a great week! I’m privileged to have such a great grade level staff, administrators, parents, and sweet students to work with each day. We’ve giggled and laughed and learned about poetry, reading, and writing all in the first week. Not bad! Boy, has it worn me out!!

Below are a few pictures from my classroom this week. I’m anxious to get student work up on the wall. Perhaps next week.