How We Met

Here’s the story of how we met, from both the Groom and the Bride!

Robby: I went out with some friends to a Texas Country concert in Dallas, TX one friday night in the summer of 2010. While there weren’t a whole lot of people at the concert, my friends and I still had a great time singing along and dancing to the music. As the evening was winding down, I noticed a very cute blonde hanging by some tables. I decided to take a chance and walked over and asked her to dance. As we danced across the floor, I realized that this girl actually knew how to dance (aka she let me lead). Once the song was over, I told her I enjoyed our dance and asked her for her number. In a somewhat shocking turn of events, she agreed and gave me her digits. About 10 days later I took her out on our first date to the Dallas Arboretum. Over the next year and a half, I grew to love this woman more than anything in the world. I am so thankful that I went out on a limb and asked her to dance that night at Gilley’s.


Alison: I owe my ‘meet-cute’ to my dad! I was supposed to go home to Mt. Pleasant for the weekend to take care of the guys while Mom went on a girls trip with her friends. Dad told me to stay in Dallas that Friday night.  If it weren’t for Dad, I never would have gone out with friends that night.

While there, a cute guy asked me to dance! As we began to 2-step, I realized what a great guy he was: 1) HE COULD DANCE!!  2) We talked about church as we danced 3) He made me laugh!   He asked for my number (incase we were at church at the same time, so we could sit together. hehe)

Over the next few weeks, Robby and I began to talk on the phone into the wee hours of the night. He FINALLY asked me out on a date and told me he would surprise me. It was a great first date! We walked through the Arboretum and toured an old house built on the estate. I knew he must have liked me a LOT because it was obvious how little he knew and cared about the house tour we went on, but he tried so hard to pretend like he did.

Over those next months my heart grew not only for him but also for his friends and family. God knew my perfect match in a mate and I couldn’t have picked a better man. Robby is the love of my life and I can’t WAIT to start our life together.


One thought on “How We Met

  1. hi mrs rigney (i just love your last name ) its your student celia your blog is great the best one i ever read (the only one i read) you are such a great person not only as a teacher but as a teacher out side of teacher form anways your awesome tell your husband i sid nice to meet him and by ❤

    – celia

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