We LOVE Baseball!

When I joined the Rigney family, I knew that baseball was a big part of “us” and who we are.  Robby’s family has deep roots in baseball, and it is evident in the man cave in our home, in our dates as a young couple in Dallas (My Texas! My Rangers!) and our TV channels at home!

Who knew I would actually love baseball, too?!?!

After I met Robby, baseball became fun to me.   I learned to keep score and follow players through the season.      I got excited when the Rangers were in the World Series!   The girl who knew nothing about sports, could keep up with Sports Center at night.  What was happening to me?  I was becoming a Rigney.  

The ultimate proof that I’m “in,” I couldn’t wait to come to Spring Training for my week off of work.   A day game sitting in the berm with my hubby sounds pretty good to me!  (I only wish we could bring our dog with us!)

Day #1- Oakland A’s and the Diamondbacks.      We had seats behind the players’ wives and kids.   Nice shaded area, very chill and relaxed.   Nice!

Day #2- Giants v Brewers

On this day, Robby and I relaxed in the berm on a blanket with a few hundred other fans.    It’s always entertaining in the berm!   

Day #3- Rangers v White Sox

Another great day in the berm!    The clouds and a breeze made it the perfect weather.   

It’s a long way back to the Ballpark in Arlington!

Robby tried to work with me on keeping scores and stats.    Not too sure about this yet, but I think I can get it right!

Oh!   AND I got us on TV sending a shout out back to Midland.   Watch out, media, I think I like the camera!

Many of you asked, and yes…Will Ferrell showed up to play baseball, but we missed him.   Our game time was quite enjoyable, though.  

Hello, Arizona!

Back for a 2nd year in a row, I couldn’t be happier to be in Phoenix for Spring Break.  Hello sunshine!   After weeks of ice and snow in Midland, this Texas girl  needed some warm weather.   Every day is in the mid 80’s here.   Glorious!!  

Last night, we went to a Phoenix Suns basketball game.   

And of course, we’re starting out our trip with some time at the golf course. The Phoenician is a lovely course with great hiking trails and scenery all around.  

Later today, baseball and visiting family friends!    

Spring Training in Arizona


Spring Break was delightful! Delightful was my word for the week. The weather, the food, the games, everything was delightful! Robby and I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona with Danny and Kayla to watch baseball spring training. As you can see, it was a good time to kick my feet up and relax.


Robby started off his trip by playing golf with a few of his dad’s long time friends. He really enjoyed playing with them.


I got to go with Robby for a few mornings of golf. Amazing landscapes out in Phoenix. Pictures just can’t describe how pretty it was.


And of course, we watched baseball. 4 days of games, sunshine, and relaxing.

Pictured above are Danny & Kayla.

Green grass! Y’all, I haven’t seen green grass in months, due to our drought in West Texas. My toes delighted in the soft, cool grass.


Our family met up for dinner with the Jones family, long time friends of Greta and Bill. We ate in Old Scottsdale at the Pink Pony. Delish!! We enjoyed visiting so much with them that we all got together the next night at their house and grilled out by the pool. How nice to swim in March!



I didn’t think I would  like Phoenix as much as I did. It was a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait to go back next year!